Keep Some Savings in Your Pocket

Keep Some Savings in Your Pocket

Reducing your Pocatello home utility bill should not be difficult. There are many ways you can slash your utility bill without sacrificing comfort. Investing in some upgrades, getting a tune up done, and using energy wisely can all lead to Boise heating and airsavings on your utility bill without making you less comfortable.Below are five easy ways to lower your monthly utility bill with minimal hassle. ... Read More
In the market for a new HVAC System?

In the market for a new HVAC System? Make sure you are comparing APPLES TO APPLES when taking bids.

When shopping around for the “best deal” on your new gas furnace system, make sure you are truly comparing apples to apples. Getting the best deal and value requires that you do!Let’s face it. There are not many external differences between gas furnace systems. They generally all look like big, boxy metal cabinets. Once they are installed in your garage, utility closet, or basement, they can easily be forgotten once the light is turned off and the door is closed. The furnace manufacturer’s and HVAC installer’s all claim that they will heat your home in the cold months of the year- nothing much different about that, is there? ... Read More
Get Ahead Of The Furnace Break Down Season

Get Ahead Of The Furnace Break Down Season Now

It is October and time to take a look at your home heating needs. It is hard to hear that with these beautiful 70 and 80 degree temperatures that we are experiencing in Southern Idaho, but whether you live in the Boise region, Twin Falls, or Pocatello and Idaho Falls regions, you know that it is only a matter of time until things change. If it is anything like last year, it may even change on a dime!You should always have your heating system checked and maintained every year. This will prolong the life of your system, save you money, and provide greater safety and comfort to you and your family. This is common sense and good home economics management 101.What I want to address in this article is what the homeowner should be on the look-out for if they’ve perhaps foregone regular furnace maintenance and tune-ups. Here are just a few signs that your system needs immediate attention. ... Read More