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As we try to keep the cold, frigid air out of homes in the winter, we often end up making our indoor air feel more stale and stuffy. Between the low humidity, overused filters, and dust and allergens from earlier in the year, it’s no wonder we start to see issues crop up now. But there’s no reason to settle. If you’re ready to breathe easy, just follow this advice.

Improving Stale Indoor Air in Winter

Finding the right balance for warm air that also feels clean can be an ongoing issue without the right tools. Upgrading a few different features can help make your air feel fresh—both during the winter season and beyond.

1. Air Filter Quality

Using the wrong size or quality of air filter can dramatically reduce the cleanliness of your indoor air. Forgetting to change your filter regularly can also be cause for concern this time of year. A simple swap can make all the difference. So, out with the old and in with the new. Looking for better quality filtration might also be worth the investment. Better models can help trap even the tiniest of particles for truly fresh air in every room.

2. UV Filters

Adding another layer of filtration can also help your warm air stay clean as it cycles through your home’s system. Utilizing a UV light filter with your furnace and ductwork can help eliminate all types of contaminants. These units can tackle lingering odors, germs, and even mold. They do a great job of elevating your system to give your home clean, hospital-like air, which can be a pretty noticeable difference.

3. Home Humidifiers

When our indoor air is too dry, our skin often feels dry and cracked, too. This can become a big nuisance in winter. In extreme cases, you might even find that your wood floors are starting to creak more, or that your wooden furniture is showing signs of splitting. But even without these significant shifts, a home humidifier can help families feel more comfortable in winter. Giving a little extra moisture to your air can help keep you from dealing with chapped lips. What’s more, good levels of humidity also make your home naturally feel a little warmer!

4. Air Duct Cleaning

The final recommendation for freshening up your indoor air quality is to get your ductwork cleaned out. For the average home, it’s typically best to have this service scheduled at least once every three years. Air duct cleaning is a great add-on for your standard HVAC maintenance checks because it helps keep all of your airways clean and energy-efficient. It’s harder for your units to run properly when they’re constantly bombarded with dust or dander.

Going for the Total Package

Any one of these steps can help give you the clean air you deserve for the winter season, but for a real home-run, why not consider all four options? You’ll be able to get truly great indoor air quality when you pay attention to each one of these improvements.

Whenever you need help managing your systems or installing new equipment, you can count on Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning. Our crew would be happy to meet with you to discuss your options. Together, we’ll help you get the very best indoor air quality for your entire home, even in winter.