top tips to save energy in the winter

Top Tips to Save Energy in Winter

Keeping energy costs low should be a year-round goal. That’s sometimes easier said than done, but in winter, there are definitely a few key things that can make an actual dent in your home energy bills. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs this season, consider the following items on this checklist. ... Read More
when is the last time you checked your insulation?

When’s the Last Time You Check Your Insulation?

We all want cozy homes when the weather starts to change and the temperatures drop outside. Achieving these levels of comfort can be challenging, however, if you don’t have the proper protocols in place. But you don’t want to spend a small fortune just to keep the indoor temps at a reasonable level. That’s where checking the insulation in your attic can help. Making a small upgrade to these attic spaces could make a big impact for your overall energy costs. ... Read More
Steps for Home Winterization in Boise

8 Steps for Home Winterization in Boise

Taking good care of your home means you have to put in some extra effort when the seasons change. You might spruce up your lawn and landscaping in the spring, do some painting or power washing in summer, and then spend time raking leaves in autumn. Getting ready for winter, though, is another matter. ... Read More
Ready For The Cold Temperatures That Are Around The Corner?

Ready For The Cold Temperatures That Are Around The Corner?

Let’s face it: Winter is always going to get to us in Southern Idaho. As the temperatures go down, we depend more and more on our home comfort systems. If you’ve got a well-maintained, fairly new, energy-efficient home comfort system, you’re probably thinking “No problem. I’ve got this.” But if your heating and air conditioning system has struggled to make it through the last few winters, then you may be thinking something quite a bit different. ... Read More