pets your hvac system health

As a homeowner, you want both the people and the pets who live with you to feel comfortable. However, sometimes pets can mean some additional considerations for your cooling or heating system. The good news is that you can ensure top functioning of your home comfort system by following a just handful of simple tips.

Change Your Air Filter Frequently

The air filter in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit traps dirt, dust, pollen, animal fur and dander, and other airborne particles. You should always follow your manufacturer’s recommendations (at a minimum), but it’s important to replace the filter with a new one at least once every three months or the first day of each new season. You may also wish to consider buying a special air filter for pet owners.

Consider an Ultra-Violet Light Solution for Allergies

If you or another family member has allergies to dust, mold, pet dander, or another common allergy trigger, installing a UV light near the coils of your HVAC unit can help to prevent the particles from the allergen from passing through to the air you breathe. This is an especially valuable solution to enable you to keep your family pet when someone has developed an allergy to him or her.

Seal Your Ductwork

When pet hair blows through your ductwork, it makes the HVAC system work harder than necessary to keep your home cool or warm. Sealing your ducts prevents the free flow of pet hair and dander as well as other types of airborne debris that can slow down your home comfort system as well as reduce comfort and efficiency.

Groom Your Pet Frequently

Both cats and dogs need frequent brushing and bathing to stay happy and healthy as well as reduce the amount of shedding in your house. Even though cats groom themselves obsessively at times, licking the dirt on their fur does little more than move it around. Frequent salon days for your four-legged family member helps to cut down on the amount of fur and dander present in your air as well. This keeps it out of your unit’s air filter and your home’s vents.

Don’t Allow Your Pet to Urinate on Outdoor Units

Animal urine contains a corrosive and it should not come in contact with the part of your HVAC unit that sits outdoors. If you see your dog (or cat) heading in that direction, quickly redirect him or her to another part of the yard to finish the job. Better yet, place a barrier at the perimeter of the outdoor condenser to prevent Fido access altogether.   Many an AC unit has been destroyed by a dog using the ac unit as a fire hydrant!

 Vacuum at Least Once a Week

Pets continually shed their fur and dander, which means you’re likely to find it in the carpet, on bedding and furniture, on tiled floors, and even on your personal belongings. Vacuuming your entire home at least once a week helps to keep it as free of animal fur and dander as possible.  It also keeps it from entering your home’s hvac system.

Commit to Preventive Maintenance of Your HVAC Equipment

Arranging for preventive maintenance of your HVAC system at least twice a year will help it to operate as efficiently as possible. Many homeowners schedule these appointments in the early spring and fall before the uptick in usage in the summer and winter months. Between routine maintenance and excellent pet care, your entire family can remain comfortable no matter what the weather outside!

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