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Is your air conditioning system leaking and not properly cooling your home? Call (208) 939-4475 for expert Boise evaporator coil cleaning and repair services.

When it is scorching hot outside and your air conditioning system is breaking down, you might panic. If the problem is with the evaporator coil, we can help. The evaporator coil is a component of an AC unit that commonly needs regular cleaning or repair.

Enjoy reliable same-day service throughout Southern Idaho, including areas in and around Boise, Caldwell, Pocatello or Nampa, ID. Click here to see what former customers think of our services.

What Does an Evaporator Coil do in my AC System?

An evaporator coil plays an important role within an air conditioning system. It acts as a heat exchanger by subtracting the hot air within a home and transferring it to the exterior condenser unit which cools the air inside a home. Running through the evaporator coil are coolants such as Freon or Puron. As these coolants move through the evaporator coil (typically made of copper), they evaporate, drawing hot air into the coil and transferring it outside.

Common Issues with Evaporator Coils

  • Dust and dirt build-up. As natural household dirt, dust and debris collects on the evaporator coil, it creates a buffer between warm air and the coolant within the coils. You may notice your AC system is not producing cool air anymore. If you smoke inside your home, tobacco smoke can increase the debris build-up on the evaporator coil.
  • Blocked drain causes leaking. On hot days, the evaporator coils carry condensation droplets. Normally these water droplets collect into the pan and drain way. A clogged drain can cause the pan to overflow and leak water.
  • Frozen coils. While it might seem odd that your evaporator coils can freeze even when it’s not cold outside, the coolant has a different freezing point than water. Frozen coils don’t produce cooler air — instead the frozen state prevents the coils from properly transferring heat to the outside of your home.

Benefits of Maintaining the Evaporator Coil

With regular maintenance and repair, a smooth-running evaporator coil helps:

  • Prove cooler air
  • Require less energy to produce the same level of cool air
  • Prevent water leaks which can damage floors, ceilings, or walls
  • Reduce the need for costly repairs later on

Let a Professional Help You

While you may be tempted to try to repair the evaporator coil yourself, a skilled technician can help provide quick and professional service saving you time and potential problems. The evaporator coils are quite delicate and can be easily damaged by using the wrong types of equipment or cleaning solutions.

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Amy Stanard
Amy Stanard
19:36 04 Sep 21
You can't go wrong with the guys in the pink trucks. From setting up the appointment to servicing our unit was easy. I appreciate the promptness of Chase. He made sure I understood the work from start from finish. On top of that he set up a free... estimate for other work we needed done. Some places will charge you for an estimate. Overall very pleased with them. They have a great more
Kelly Wemmer
Kelly Wemmer
23:16 03 Sep 21
Everything went well. Thanks
Carol Hutchinson
Carol Hutchinson
17:51 02 Sep 21
Also checked water heater and hardness of water.
Troy Hansen
Troy Hansen
23:54 01 Sep 21
Excellent service! Chase did a great job!
Krista Patten
Krista Patten
17:41 01 Sep 21
Jeremiah came out to our house after we realized our new ac unit was acting up. We knew this could happen with having a new unit and working out the kinks. We called at 9pm the night before and he was at our door before 9am. He was very thorough and... fixed the problem. Would use them again!read more
Matthew Schmitt
Matthew Schmitt
00:54 01 Sep 21
Excellent job. Very professional and polite. Enjoyed meeting him.
tryston bugher
tryston bugher
23:30 31 Aug 21
Right now was awesome got us in ASAP very professional. Had an interesting experience with our instillation, all of the workers were professional polite and on time, but Some of the wires were not correctly hooked up to our new unit . Now I... understand that mistakes can happen so I just called to get some back out and Sigurd out why my house was heating and not cooling and Mike was the guy who came and got it all up and going really fast got my house to a comfortable temperature! Highly recommend this company to anyone who needs to replace an old ac/furnace or is building a new house and needs to get one!read more
22:21 31 Aug 21
Always a pleasure everyone from Right now is timely and professional and always open about explaining what they are seeing without trying to force you to upgrade or fix anything that isn’t an immediate issue
Marvella Stadler
Marvella Stadler
22:00 31 Aug 21
Thank you Jamie for doing a wonderful job!Thank you
Jack Fosnot
Jack Fosnot
17:47 31 Aug 21
Jeff is very professional and knowledgeable on the system that I have , courteous young man, representing the company very well, seems to like his job which is good

Don’t let dirt build-up on your evaporator coil decrease the comfort of your home. Call Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning at (208) 939-4475 for reliable evaporator coil cleaning and repair services in Boise and the surrounding areas.