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Boise AC Filters & Filter Replacement

Keep cool in the hot summer months with a well-maintained air conditioning system. Call us at (208) 939-4475 to get quick Boise AC filter replacements.

AC Filters & Filter Replacement Boise, ID
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The summer months in Idaho can be scorching hot — up to 100 °F. Ensure your AC unit is working before temperatures soar and the busy peak season arrives in July and August. Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is a family-owned business serving all of Southern Idaho, including areas in and around Boise, Caldwell, Pocatello and Nampa, ID. Click here to see customer reviews.

Right Now pulls air conditioning installation permits to protect you, the customer. Every time a permit is pulled, an independent contractor inspects our work to ensure it complies with industry standards.

The Importance of AC Filters

An air conditioning filter is an important part of the unit along with coils and fins. An AC filter needs to be regularly replaced to increase the overall efficiency of the unit. A clogged or dirty filter blocks airflow and may transmit dirt into the evaporator coil reducing the ability of your air conditioning unit to absorb heat. By regularly cleaning or replacing your filter, you can reduce your unit’s energy use by 5% to 15%.

Does your unit require reusable filters or disposable ones? There are many different types and sizes of filters with varying efficiencies. If you need help with your system’s filter, contact one of our technicians. Your filter should be replaced at least once every one to two months during peak usage times in the summer.

Tips on Reducing Your Energy Bill during the Summer

  • Close blinds to block out sun. A simple way to keep comfortable and reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your home is to close all blinds and window coverings during the day.
  • Clean debris from AC fan. In springtime, it’s a good idea to clear your AC fan of any debris that has collected during the winter such as leaves, branches and twigs. This type of debris can reduce the efficiency of your unit by up to 20%. Ensure your AC fan has a minimum of 12 inches of clearance surrounding it for optimal performance.
  • Open your foundation vent. These vents are located on the exterior of your home. During the hot, humid, summer months, your crawl space may become a breeding ground for mold. Open your foundation vent to ventilate and cool down your home.

Sign up for the Right Now Filter Replacement Program

There’s no need to leave your home to buy a filter replacement. Right Now will conveniently drop ship filters to your doorstep. We offer 1”, 2” and 4” pleated filter replacements.

  • Program One: Automatic delivery of filters twice a year. Sign up using Credit Card or E-Check.
  • Program Two: Request a new filter on-demand by calling Right Now.

Keep your AC unit running and your home cool. For reliable AC filter replacement in Boise and surrounding areas, call Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning at (208) 939-4475.