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Boise Refrigerant Leak Repair

Have you noticed a refrigerant leak in your AC system? Avoid damage to your health. Call (208) 939-4475 now for expert Boise refrigerant leak repair services.
Refrigerant Leak Repair Services Boise, ID
A refrigerant leak is probably the most common problem we encounter with air conditioning systems. Since refrigerant is full of chemicals, it’s important to get a leak repaired as soon as possible to avoid harm to your health and damage to your AC unit and home.

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Dangers of a Refrigerant Leak

Most older air conditioning systems use a type of refrigerant called Freon (R-22) which is a trade name for a class of chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons. Harm from exposure to R-22 is greatest during initial exposure times. Minor side-effects include skin dryness and itchiness. More serious problems include heart palpitations and an irregular heartbeat. If you suspect a refrigerant leak in your AC system, open all windows to ventilate your home and call a repair technician immediately.

Other harms of a refrigerant leak include:

  • Environmental. R-22 is hazardous as it causes harm to the earth’s ozone layer and contributes to global warming. Did you know that newer AC systems use a safer, more environmentally-friendly refrigerant called R-410A?
  • Damage to your air conditioning system. Low levels of refrigerant causes the compressor to overwork and causes damage to other components within the system.
  • Harm to your wallet. Your air conditioning system is not efficient when you have a refrigerant leak. More energy is required to run AC when it’s not working properly.

Common Causes of Refrigerant Leaks

  • This is common in copper coils or tubing. Copper is especially susceptible to chemicals found in the air from cleaners, hairspray and other household products and furniture. In particular, formaldehyde found inside most homes builds up on copper coils and causes formicary corrosion. As a result, small pinhole leaks are formed on the copper.
  • Weakened joints. Through normal wear-and-tear, joints and connections become weaker.
  • Old Age. Since refrigerant passes through coils at a high pressure, over time it causes the inside of coils to wear down.

How We Fix Refrigerant Leaks

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning doesn’t believe in taking short-cuts. We check for leaks in common areas such as the valve or access port, evaporator or condenser coils, and heat pump copper tubing. We repair all leaks, test the system, and properly charge your AC system with the exact amount of refrigerant required for optimal performance as specified by your system’s manufacturer.

Don’t delay in getting your refrigerant leak repaired. Call Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning at (208) 939-4475 for quick and reliable service in Boise and surrounding areas.