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Boise Air Duct Cleaning & Repair

When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? Help your family breathe easier. Call (208) 939-4475 for expert Boise air duct cleaning and repair.

Air Duct Repair Services Boise, ID

Imagine you had a room in your house that was never vacuumed, dusted or swept. The amount of dust, dirt, pollutants, household debris and even dead insects or rodents collected over the years might make you feel sick — literally and figuratively. Most people never think of cleaning their ducts because it’s “outta sight, outta mind.” The only things you ever see are the registers or vents on the floor which are the gateways to our underground air duct system.

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning are experts in helping families throughout Southern Idaho, including areas in and around Boise, Caldwell, Pocatello and Nampa, ID, quickly and efficiently clean and repair their air ducts. Customers love us because our family-owned business offers same-day service and a money-back guarantee. Click here to see what customers are saying about our service.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning and Repair

  • Helps your family breathe cleaner air.

    Clean air ducts improve your household’s quality of air. Common types of particles found in air ducts include pet dander, pollen, dust mites and particles from tobacco smoke. It is especially beneficial to those who suffer from asthma and other allergies, particularly children and the elderly.

  • Improve efficiency of your home’s heating (furnace) and cooling (AC) systems.

    Without all the dirt and dust blocking the air ducts, clean air can move freely once again and you can enjoy the savings on your monthly energy bills.

  • Sealed air ducts.

    Over the years air ducts can disconnect and create space between the pathways. This causes the hot or cool air circulating in your house to escape, often unnoticed in attics and closets. By sealing these gaps, your air conditioning and heating systems don’t have to work as hard to maintain a consistent household temperature.

Boise Air Duct Cleaning & Repair
How We Clean Your Air Ducts

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning has specialized equipment that cleans every nook and cranny of your air ducting system. The average home has a surface area of 400 sq ft of ducting below your registers. This hidden labyrinth is home to nasty dust and pollutants that easily collect over the years.

We use a 30 foot long hose with an oscillating brush to scrub the entire ducting surface. A high-powered vacuum sucks debris into a HEPA filter so it does not spread dirt and dust back into your home. HEPA means high-efficiency particulate air. This is a special mechanical air filter that has a tightly-woven mesh screen which traps harmful particles and prevents them from spreading around the house. The last step is to use an anti-microbial fogging system to sanitize ducting.

If you live in an older home, it’s the perfect time to get your air ducts cleaned. Call Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning at (208) 939-4475 for immediate service in Boise and surrounding areas.