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Can you ever get clean clothes using only cold water and no detergent? Yes, with PureWash! Call (208) 939-4475 for superb Boise PureWash laundry products.

PureWash Laundry Products Boise, ID

Using detergents full of chemicals not only hurts your skin and wears out fabrics, it also costs you money. Many people have sensitive skin that doesn’t take lightly to the chemicals left behind freshly-laundered clothes. PureWash uses oxygenated water to safely and effectively clean your clothes using cold water and little or no detergent.

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How PureWash Works

You can forget about using detergent, softeners or bleach. PureWash is an eco-friendly system that uses cold, oxygenated water to wash your clothes. This technology has been used in commercial and industrial applications such as hotels and hospitals since the 80’s. This maintenance-free system is installed onto your washing machine and has a lifespan of 10 years.

A generator inside the machine produces oxygenated water by adding an extra atom of oxygen (becomes O3 instead of O2). This new molecule is called ozone. Ozone occurs naturally in the environment; the smell of fresh rain is an example of naturally-occurring ozone. Ozone is effective in breaking down the molecules (oxidizing) that bind dirt to fabrics. The dirt removed from fabrics oxidizes into carbon dioxide and water.

Ozone is found to be 3,000 times faster and 150% more powerful than bleach at obliterating bacteria. It’s also effective in neutralizing any lingering odors found on clothes. Many hospitals use an ozone cleaning system as it’s even powerful enough to kill superviruses such as MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and C. Diff. (Clostridium Difficile).

Benefits of a PureWash System

A PureWash system provides so many benefits to you and the environment:

Reduce energy bill as only cold water is used. A family of four can expect savings of $600 annually.
Eliminates mildew and bacteria build-up found in washing machines that thrive on the chemicals found in detergents.
Less skin irritations as no chemicals are used.
Softer, fluffier clothes.
Longer-lasting colors and less wear-down of clothes.
Save money normally spent on detergent, bleach and fabric softener.
Reduces the amount of chemicals found in wastewater that enters the water system.
The waste water by-product from PureWash actually helps in the breakdown of organic matter.
Quick 5 minute installation.
Small, space-efficient system.

Michael Marq
Michael Marq
17:54 18 Jan 20
Colin was amazing and he really was quick and efficient!! It was a part that was under warranty and gave some options and fixed it. Also got us setup with another appt for a good deal on a new furnace possibly. Great job Colin your amazing.
Karen Thomason
Karen Thomason
15:59 18 Jan 20
The technician was thorough and very professional.
Susan Pemberton
Susan Pemberton
23:50 17 Jan 20
Ali was very knowledgeable and pleasant. Thank you for sending such a nice guy.
Cary Dafoe
Cary Dafoe
17:16 17 Jan 20
The service technician (Richard) was very professional, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I’m very happy with Right Now Heating & Air and will continue to use them in the future!! Thanks!!!
Mickey Hungerford
Mickey Hungerford
16:13 17 Jan 20
Ali came out right on time. Was very nice and professional. Ali fix my furnace quickly and said he would drop off a new filter for me because the one I had didn't fit. Very happy with the service.
Lyz Nesvold
Lyz Nesvold
02:43 17 Jan 20
My tech was very polite, fixed things quickly and even helped with sound my furnace was making since it was installed.
April Chainey
April Chainey
01:24 17 Jan 20
Colin was very professional and courteous. Fortunately, Right Now was able to get us in the same day and we were able to sleep in a warmer house with a quick repair to hold us over until we can schedule a full repair/replacement and consult with... Comfort more
Krystal Jackson
Krystal Jackson
23:33 16 Jan 20
Quick, efficient and thorough and priced great! Benjamin was very professional. I definitely recommend.
Jennifer Parker
Jennifer Parker
22:01 16 Jan 20
I was very please with the way he explained everything to me. Told me my problems and his thought about the question I asked. Very clean done in a good time
20:28 16 Jan 20
Ali showed up right on time, fixed our issue within minutes!!! My house was 52 degrees!! Thank you for your help!! 10/10 recommend!!

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