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Many people suffer from skin ailments such as eczema and have lackluster hair without knowing why. The hardness of your water and added chemicals may be to blame. Hard water contains higher levels of calcium and magnesium which affects everything from your beauty regime to making appliances more clogged and difficult to clean.

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning provides water conditioning and purification products to customers throughout Southern Idaho, including areas in and around Boise, Caldwell, Pocatello and Nampa, ID. Our fully licensed and insured technicians can help you install a water purification machine which would benefit your entire family. See what our past customers are saying about our service when you click here.

What Exactly is in My Water?

Every municipality has its own water treatment facility that adds harsh chemicals and disinfectants to the water supply to clean it. The most common chemical added is chlorine. While small levels of chlorine are normal, many municipalities’ water supply has 2 to 5 times more chlorine than found in your local swimming pool. Imagine how different your coffee, tea and fresh fruits and vegetables would taste without chlorine!

All water also contains traces of deposits such as calcium and magnesium and other naturally-occurring particles. Hard water wreaks havoc on your body and throughout all major systems and appliances in your house including plumbing, heating, washing machines, dishwashers and showers.

Benefits of Softer Water

When levels of calcium and magnesium are reduced, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Prolonged life of dishwashers and laundry machines. By eliminating scale, The American Water Works Association (AWWA) states that softer water extends the lifespan of appliances by up to 75%.
Reduced costs from detergent and shampoo. Softer water lathers more easily letting you use 50% to 75% less soap.
Improved water flow and pressure from less clogging of pipes from calcium build-up.
Increased water efficiency which reduces monthly bills.
Brighter, longer-lasting clothes.

Water Conditioning & Purification Products Boise, ID

The WaterTech Difference

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to carry the WaterTech system, a best-in-class water purification system. Water is extensively filtered through its Dual Action Mixed Media to eliminate harmful chemicals found in the water. It uses a proprietary coconut shell with granular-activated carbon for optimal absorption and oxidation. One cup of this carbon can absorb the amount of chlorine present in an area the size of a football field.

The electronic de-scaler feature has been independently tested by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAOMO) and is proven to effectively reduce the level of scale in your home. A series of electronic pulses in the de-scaler changes the chemical state of calcium and magnesium into a carbonate that your body can easily absorb.


The newest innovation in high quality water softeners at entry level pricing. Made by the development team at Hankscraft, this system has only 1 moving part- a water saving piston that saves 35% on water usage during each regeneration. This patented, NSF certified system is fully adjustable, so it can be moved from city water to well water and adjusted accordingly. It comes with a stainless steel by-pass and a quick drain connect, and a battery back-up system. Flows 15 gallons per minute.

Genatec Whole house eliminator

This is a great quality whole house treatment system that softens and purifies; removing hardness, chlorine, pesticide, herbicides, and more. This system is very economical using a mixed resin bed with no filters to change. This system is maintenance free and less expensive than other treatment systems.

Katalox light

Water Factory Outlet is very knowledgeable at diagnosing and treating all different types of well water problems. Using an advanced air injection system; we treat different well water issues with select resins such as Katalox Light, Zeolite, Centaur, Nitrate Select resin, and Arsenic Select resin.

See what our customers are saying?

00:04 04 Jul 20
Had an issue with my air conditioner. Called Right Now heating and air. There customer service is awesome. They showed up to the house on time. With a curtesy call before arrival. Rob, the tech arrived with complete professionalism and care for... our AC needs. Turned out to be a minor issue. He could have easily charged me for anything as my AC did not work. Completely honest and that’s hard to find now in this crazy world. Quick fix and back up and running at a completely fair price. If I ever need and service again at my house for air conditioning or heater . I would call Right now . Thank you for everything you did for us. Great company A+ from the moment the call was made to after the service call. I will let everyone I know who asks about who I would recommend for AC repairs it’s Right Now heating and more
Ashley Broussard
Ashley Broussard
21:05 03 Jul 20
Alie (I hope I’m spelling his name correctly) was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He quickly found the problem and fixed It within minutes. While he was fixing our AC, he shared a little about his German background which I really... enjoyed! So friendly and professional!read more
Hayley Brown
Hayley Brown
15:13 03 Jul 20
After a disappointing experience with one of the managers, Carly, in which we were told that we “didn’t spend enough money to be a priority”, we were prepared to use another company for our HVAC needs. Right Now Heating and Air sent a tech named... Hector who singlehandedly saved our business. Hector is professional, personable, and smart. He fixed our problem with ease and was excellent to work with. We will only work with him or one of his recommendations going forward. If not for Hector, we would have taken our personal business and the business of our 9 rental properties elsewhere. Give that man a raise. Thank you, Hector!read more
Michael Blackburn
Michael Blackburn
12:53 03 Jul 20
Right Now is the best HD&AC outfit in the valley. Last winter, I was leaving for a business trip (Sat. AM), and my tenant told me she had no heat; I called RightNow, and immediately was talking to an actual person; she said she was on it, and called... back in 15 minutes and said the tech was on the way.The tech called and said the furnace had to be replaced, and could not get the new one until Mon. He went back to the yard, and returned with a bunch of space heaters to get the tenant by until he returned on Mon. first thing to remove and replace the furnace. All I did was authorize the work over the phone. All this at a competitive, reasonable price. You are crazy if you use anybody else!read more
Rumen Doggett
Rumen Doggett
00:33 03 Jul 20
My service technician was absolutely amazing. Was able to immediately address the issue. Polite, well spoken, and incredibly informative. Will become a lifetime customer as long as I remain in the Treasure Valley.
Francie Bush
Francie Bush
23:44 02 Jul 20
Right Now Heating and Air installed a new A/C and Furnace in our home in November. The process from inspection to receiving an estimate and then installation was very efficient and professional. Everyone we were in contact with was very courteous.... This week we used their service again for plumbing repairs. Once again the interactions were extremely positive and my bathroom is once again working properly within the deadline I was more
Nate Forbes
Nate Forbes
00:03 02 Jul 20
The service tech that showed up was super nice and wanted to make sure that I was completely satisfied with the compressor I stall prior to him leaving.
Ashton fallis
Ashton fallis
23:29 01 Jul 20
The tech was very professional and thorough. I would strongly recommend!
Wayne Renee
Wayne Renee
22:47 30 Jun 20
Matt did great work. Thanks.
Mayta Baca
Mayta Baca
19:20 30 Jun 20
Clint is awesome i am 68 yes old and this man is good, quality work very professional and honest, a wonderful personality and respectful

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