As much as we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, as a service provider, we are professionally and morally obligated to prioritize our customer’s needs, especially during times of extreme temperatures. Here are some of the challenges that are testing our customer’s patients due to the current environment that we are living in.


Today we are facing a critical nationwide shortage of all field personnel to meet the demand of our customers. For every two experienced Technicians retiring there is only one young person entering the field as a career. We are also having to manage equipment and parts shortages due to delays from post-covid manufacturing issues. For example, if a part fails on your system that is required to be ordered from the manufacturer traditionally, we could have the replacement part provided locally or in some cases up to 3 to 5 days to receive the part. Today we are experiencing in many cases two to three weeks to get the same part.


These compounded issues have caused delays in the speed in which we can respond to our customers. Rest assured our amazing team has stepped up to the occasion by working extensive overtime minimizing these unavoidable challenges for our customers.


Thank you for your grace and understanding should you experience a delay in service.

Below are some helpful tips to keep your home temperature cool this summer.