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Have your monthly energy bills gotten out of control? Your AC may need repair. Call 208-242-3236 for expert Blackfoot AC repair, installation & replacement.

Blackfoot Idaho

When you notice an unusual spike in your energy bill, it indicates that there could be a problem with a major home system such as your air conditioning unit. In Blackfoot, ID, we make good use of our AC — especially during the hot summer months. Our technicians can inspect your air conditioning and help return your energy bills to a more manageable level.

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is a family-owned business that believes in providing exceptional service at affordable prices. Customers can count on us during a HVAC emergency — we can be reached 24/7 for urgent repair. See a few of our glowing customer reviews here.

What is an Air Handler Unit?

One of the most important components of an AC system is the air handler unit (AHU). It contains the blower fan responsible for circulating and regulating the cool air in your home. Have you noticed poor circulation of cool air lately? A clogged fan may be to blame. Here are a few common problems that can occur in an air handler unit:

Blocked fan. Over time, dirt, dust and debris can collect on the blower and reduce its efficiency. When the fan becomes too clogged, cool air may not come out at all, even if it still spins.
Age. The average lifespan of an AHU is 10 years. If your air handler is on its last legs, consider replacing it before it breaks down. Older AHU’s become less efficient and encounter electrical issues.
Mold. Mold always finds a way to flourish in places with moisture and a lack of ventilation. Moisture build-up can occur on the fan in hot weather. If you detect a musty or mildewy odor, you may have mold growth in your AHU.
Leaking. When temperatures rise, condensation can form within the system and drip into the pan below the AHU. Algae growth from the sitting water can block the drain. When the pan fills up and cannot drain, it causes leaking.

Are You Looking to Replace Your Old AC System?

Your current air conditioning system may be broken down, or perhaps you’re looking for a more energy-efficient option. Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is the exclusive dealer of Inner-G Tech AC systems — one of the top-rated, most efficient AC manufacturers around. We are the only company within Idaho, Oregon and Utah authorized to sell and service these systems. That means customers enjoy the best prices for one of the best products on the market, along with the longest warranty.

Call Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning at 208-242-3236 for more information about Inner-G Tech systems, or to schedule a repair or tune-up. Customers can enjoy same-day service.


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