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A new high-efficiency heater can drastically reduce your utility bills. Call 208-242-3236 for expert Blackfoot heating repair, installation & replacement.

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If you’ve finally decided to replace that old heater, rest assured that you’re doing your wallet and the environment a favor. High-efficiency heaters today are better designed with advanced technology and more safety features.

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is Idaho’s leading HVAC business. We proudly serve customers in and around Blackfoot, ID. Our fully licensed and insured technicians are skilled in a wide range of home-heating services. Do you need a repair that needs to be fixed ASAP? We offer 24/7 emergency repair services. We want all customers to receive the best service. If you’re not completely satisfied with our work, we’ll give you back your money — guaranteed. See what past customers are saying about us here.

What Does AFUE Stand For?

If you’re shopping for a new heater, you’ve likely seen the acronym AFUE which stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. AFUE measures the level of thermal efficiency as a percentage. It compares the amount of useful energy output to the input. An 80% AFUE means a heater releases (outputs) 80 BTU for every 100 BTU that is inputted. The other 20% is lost and wasted due to inefficiency. The higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient the heater is.

Benefits of a New Heater

With improved technology, new heaters have become much more energy-efficient than before. You’ll enjoy many benefits including:

Increased efficiency. Most older furnaces had at best only an 80% efficiency rate (many had efficiency rates as low as 60%). This means that only 80 cents to every dollar was used to heat your home — the rest went up in smoke. Today’s furnaces have up to 96% efficiency. New features such as: electric ignition stops the need for the pilot light to be on all the time, and new combustion technology allows the unit to use less fuel while producing the same level of heat.
Peace and quiet. New heaters have advanced motors which are quiet as a mouse.
Improved safety features. New features such as sealed combustion utilize outdoor air for combustion which reduces draft and improves safety.
Eco-friendly. More efficient furnaces use less fossil fuel which is friendlier to your wallet and the environment.
Longevity. Newer furnaces have a longer lifespan — up to 25 years. Older furnaces generally lasted between 10 to 20 years at most.

Looking for a reliable Blackfoot HVAC service provider? Call Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning at 208-242-3236.

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Logan S.

Cut in

Near S Stout Ave, Blackfoot, ID 83221
Blackfoot, ID - Cut in

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James S.

Back hard at it! After the holidays

Near NW Main St, Blackfoot, ID 83221

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Furnace tuneup 36-year-old furnace

Near N 150 W, Blackfoot, ID 83221
Blackfoot, ID - Furnace tuneup 36-year-old furnace

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Billy S.

Working on an air conditioner 14 years old

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Blackfoot, ID - Working on an air conditioner 14 years old

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Billy S.

Working on a five-year-old AC unit

Near Lilac St, Blackfoot, ID 83221
Blackfoot, ID - Working on a five-year-old AC unit
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