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Have you noticed a clogged fan and poor circulation in your AC? Call (208) 800-0120 for professional Marsing AC repair, installation & replacement services.

You might have noticed a difference in your air conditioning system. Perhaps you’ve felt less cool air coming from the fan and have seen a clogged and dirty system. Your air handler unit (AHU) likely needs repair. Don’t bother trying to clean it yourself — call us!

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to serve Marsing, ID and surrounding areas. We are a family-owned HVAC business with a team of fully licensed and insured technicians who are available around-the-clock for emergency repair service. Not happy with our service? We are so confident that you’ll receive great service that we guarantee 100% satisfaction, or your money back. Check out our customer reviews and testimonials here.

When to Replace Your Air Handler Unit

An air handler unit helps to circulate and regulate the cool air within your home. An AHU contains the blower (fan), cooling elements, filter racks, dampers and sound attenuators. As with any mechanical device, it’s prone to the occasional hiccup such as a clogged fan or leaking. But there comes a time when your AHU can no longer be feasibly repaired and requires a replacement:

Very poor air flow. If after a few repairs, your AHU is still providing poor circulation, then it may be time to kick the bucket.
Inflated energy bills. An older system, say over 10 years old, is prone to more inefficiencies which can drive up your monthly energy bill. Newer air handler units must meet minimum SEER (seasonal energy-efficiency rating) standards for improved efficiency and quality.
Corrosion. If you notice rust within your AHU, it may be on its last legs. The metal components inside have likely deteriorated and are prone to more breakdowns.

Why You Need to Replace Your Air Filter

The air filter inside your AC system helps to filter out particles found within your home and to keep the inside of the system free of debris. With increased use, the air filter becomes clogged with dust, dirt and other air particles. When the air filter gets too dirty, it begins to affect the quality of your air by circulating dirty air within your home, and also reduces the amount of air flow.

Regular replacement of your air filter is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning offers a Filter Replacement Program that ships new air filters directly to your doorstep. You can sign up for regular scheduled delivery of air filters, or simply call us whenever you need a replacement. During the summer months when your AC is in constant use, you may need to replace your filter more often.

Call Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning at (208) 800-0120. We provide a wide range of home improvement services at affordable prices.

Map of Marsing, ID
Gary C.

Gary C.

Replacing electric furnace and air conditioner with high-efficiency electric furnace and Amana heat pump

Near Shari Hill Way, Marsing, ID 83639
Marsing, ID - Replacing electric furnace and air conditioner with high-efficiency electric furnace and Amana heat pump

Map of Marsing, ID
Max W.

Max W.

Furnace and air conditioner (Amana) added to house with no existing units. Complete duct work for house added as well.

Near Kent St, Marsing, ID 83639

Map of Marsing, ID
Justin P.

Justin P.

Bryant furnace

Near Mountain View Dr, Marsing, ID 83639
Marsing, ID - Bryant furnace

Map of Marsing, ID
Terry C.

Terry C.

Estimate on new Rheem air handler and heat pump

Near Morning Dove Way, Marsing, ID 83639
Marsing, ID - Estimate on new Rheem air handler and heat pump

Map of Marsing, ID
Eli H.

Eli H.

Heat pump upgrade to Amana brand

Near Bobwhite Dr, Marsing, ID 83639