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Are you looking for a reliable company to help with AC installation? Call (208) 800-0120 for skilled Melba AC repair, installation and replacement services. Get money-saving discounts and coupons when you click here.

If you’re thinking of replacing your old air conditioning system with a more energy-efficient one, you’ve come to the right place. Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is the top-rated HVAC company serving Melba, ID and surrounding areas. A Home Energy Audit will help you see how much money your current AC requires to run per hour, and compare this to how much money you can save with a newer, more efficient model.

All of our technicians are fully licensed and insured to protect you. We don’t hire subcontractors and all equipment used is owned by our business. We stand behind our work. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our work or service, we’ll give you your money back — guaranteed. Check out testimonials from past customers when you click here.


Common AC Terms Defined

The industry uses many acronyms and terms that the average person isn’t familiar with. Here are a few common AC terms defined:

 R-22 (aka Freon). A refrigerant found in older AC units. A type of hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) that is linked to depletion of the ozone layer and other environmental damage to plants and soil. New AC units no longer support the use of Freon.
 R-410A (aka Puron). A new and improved type of refrigerant. It’s a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) that is environmentally-friendly. Newer systems are designed to use Puron rather than Freon. Puron is better at absorbing heat, and is gentler on the compressor which improves efficiency.
 SEER (seasonal energy-efficiency rating). The higher the rating, the better the system. All new air conditioning systems are required to have a minimum SEER value of 13. Most of the systems we deal with have SEER values of 17 or higher. New systems are more efficient, quieter and have more safety features.

Why We Pull Permits

When installing a new air conditioning system, our technicians follow industry regulations to a tee. Every time we do an installation, we pull a permit to protect you and to provide peace of mind. When we pull a permit, an independent third party verifier comes to inspect our work to ensure it was done correctly. We know that many other HVAC companies don’t bother to pull permits to save money, or perhaps because they’ve ‘cut corners.’ We don’t believe in taking shortcuts. If for some reason the inspector finds something wrong, we’ll repair it.

Melba Idaho Air Conditioning Repair & Tune Up Services

Get professional air conditioning services at Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning. Call us 24/7 at (208) 800-0120 today!

Map of Melba, ID
Gary C.

Gary C.

Replacing heat pump and air handler with high-efficiency heat pump gas and electric furnace

Near ID-45, Melba, ID 83641

Map of Melba, ID
Jeff H.

Jeff H.


Near Victory Ln, Melba, ID 83641

Map of Melba, ID
Justin P.

Justin P.

York Ac

Near Warren Spur Rd, Melba, ID 83641
Melba, ID - York Ac

Map of Melba, ID
Gary O.

Gary O.

Replace duct work with high efficient insulated flex ducting. Replace water heater with high efficient Rheem. Added water softener to reduce wear on appliances.

Near White Rock Way, Melba, ID 83641

Map of Melba, ID
Jeff H.

Jeff H.


Near Crow Alley, Melba, ID 83641