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There’s no need for chopping wood or lighting matches with a gas log fireplace. Call (208) 800-0120 for expert Melba heating repair, installation & replacement.

Melba Idaho

If you want to start a fire with the click of a button, or flick of a switch, then a gas log fireplace is for you. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces have been declining in popularity because they require a lot of work and can be a hazard if not properly maintained. Gas log fireplaces are the modern choice for most homeowners.

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to serve Melba, ID and surrounding areas. We are the top HVAC company in Idaho because of our commitment to exceptional customer service at reasonable prices. Do you have an emergency that requires immediate attention? We can help. Our fully licensed and insured technicians are available for 24/7 emergency repair services. Read what customers are saying about us when you click here.

Enjoy Comfort and Convenience with a Gas Log Fireplace

If you’re thinking about installing a gas log fireplace, consider whether its main function is to heat a room, or serve as a décor element. A vent-free gas log fireplace is intended to be a heat source whereas a vented option serves a more decorative purpose (although it still radiates heat).

Here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy with your new fireplace:

Low-maintenance – no wood to chop, no mess to clean up.
Safe – no need to worry about flying sparks starting a fire, or harmful toxins released into the air.
Efficient – easy on your wallet as it costs about one dollar per hour to operate.
Environmentally-friendly – gas is a clean-burning fuel that leaves little environmental impact.
Functional and stylish – a variety of styles and accessories to choose from.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

Your boiler is a complex system that needs professional maintenance to maintain efficiency. Here are a few signs you need to repair your boiler:

Strange smells. Any unusual smell coming from your boiler should be professionally inspected. The smell could be mold or mildew, or a potential gas leak. If you suspect a gas leak, contact a technician right away.
Leaking water. With age, seams and joints of a boiler system can weaken and crack. This is often due to corrosion.
Fluctuating Temperatures. Rooms that are too hot or too cold and overall temperature inconsistencies indicate a potential problem with circulation.
Loud noises. Squealing, loud bangs or grinding indicate a serious mechanical problem.


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Get ultimate comfort and convenience with a gas log fireplace. Call Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning at (208) 800-0120 for home heating repair, installation and replacement services.

Map of Melba, ID
Gary C.

Gary C.

Replacing heat pump and air handler with high-efficiency heat pump gas and electric furnace

Near ID-45, Melba, ID 83641

Map of Melba, ID
Jeff H.

Jeff H.


Near Victory Ln, Melba, ID 83641

Map of Melba, ID
Justin P.

Justin P.

York Ac

Near Warren Spur Rd, Melba, ID 83641
Melba, ID - York Ac

Map of Melba, ID
Gary O.

Gary O.

Replace duct work with high efficient insulated flex ducting. Replace water heater with high efficient Rheem. Added water softener to reduce wear on appliances.

Near White Rock Way, Melba, ID 83641

Map of Melba, ID
Jeff H.

Jeff H.


Near Crow Alley, Melba, ID 83641
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Elaina Carlson
Elaina Carlson
23:57 13 Oct 17
I do not even know where to start so this will probably be a long review. We just bought a 100 year old house, we have lived here a few months so when it started to get cold we found out the furnace was not working. We called these guys they came out the next day and checked out our 40 year old furnace the replacement part would have been around $300. The technician sat down with us and explained our options and said if we wanted we could finance a new furnace. Buying a home is expensive so money is tight and we did not think we could afford it. They were able to find a way to install a new furnace for only $37.00/month with no payments for 3 months! They installed the furnace the next day and had it finished in only a few hours, the installers were great and they even installed a new thermostat, and carbon monoxide detectors all for around $2000. Their customer service just really went above and beyond anything we could have asked for and we will continue to use them for our other home projects.
Robert Burnz
Robert Burnz
21:44 02 Sep 17
My home A/C quit cooling on Friday afternoon so I researched local repair companies on Saturday and liked Right Now's reviews. I called them and the receptionist took my information, advised me that there would be a $65 diagnostic fee and told me I would receive a call when a service technician was on his way. 45 minutes later I get a call saying the tech would be here in 40 minutes. 20 minutes later Joe was at my door. He checked my entire system and determined that the compressor was not working. He installed a "compressor saver" kit and had it working in about 15 minutes. He explained every thing in layman's terms, said it should be good for a couple more years and recommended that the next time it fails we replace it. Best part... he gave me a 20% military discount and waived the diagnostic fee. Just $298 total cost. Every one I interacted with was courteous and professional. I'll definitely recommend Right Now to anyone who needs A/C work.
Bob Westfall
Bob Westfall
23:26 16 Nov 17
We chose Right Now because of their no surprises quote. We knew our situation might be tricky and appreciated the guarantee that the price they quoted was the price we would pay. They were easy to work with and professional.
melissa rojas
melissa rojas
16:39 15 Jul 17
Our AC stopped working right as the temperatures were reaching into the triple digits. Right now Heating and Air came to our rescue and it took them just a couple days to get our new AC and Furnace set up. They took really good care of us and even offered to put in window units since it was going to take them a day before they could come back out to get the furnace installed. Because they were so reliable and open 24 hrs we didn't research other companies, and were later told we could found better prices had we looked. Still very happy with the company.
Cresta Bogan
Cresta Bogan
05:33 08 Jun 17
I had my A/C checked to prepare for the summer. It was discovered the A/C, hot water heater, and parts of the furnace were all needing replaced. The representative found the best deals and threw in a few perks such as vent cleaning. I recently had foot surgery and every employee went out of there way to minimize the amount of time I needed to be up. The installation team was quick, efficient, and knowledgeable. When I needed a programmable thermostat due to my schedule they immediately found one. The team that came to clean the vents found trash under the house from a previous company and they hauled it out for me. My dryer vent was disconnected allowing mice in and they fixed it. This company went above and beyond for me and quickly. All in all the total time between inspection to completion was 2 days.
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