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Prevent unexpected failure and keep your furnace running at optimal performance through the frigid winter months. At Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning we offer everything from service and tune-ups, to energy audits and system replacement. Call us today at (208) 585-5868.

Nyssa Oregon

Our Nyssa heating repair technicians are all experienced, friendly, licensed, and insured to give you the best experience- and the highest quality technical and customer service. Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is family owned and proud to provide the highest degree of service to Nyssa, Oregon and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to ensuring that you and your family are comfortable throughout the year, and throughout the entire service process with clear communication and up-front pricing. See what our other customer say about us by clicking here.

Efficiency and Upgrades

There is a lot to be said for the importance of performing regular maintenance on your furnace and heating system. The regular cleaning, tuning, and inspection of all electrical components, vents, sensors and your thermostat all increase the overall efficiency of your system, and decrease operation costs. However, sometimes the lifespan of an older system simply reaches an end- or maybe you want to consider the possibilities of incorporating a new system to gain efficiency. Our Nyssa heating service specialists are well informed and equipped to help you down this path.

One of many options to consider is the implementation of a heat pump. A heat pump offers efficiency gains in both the summer and winter months. A heat pump requires less energy, and boasts greater longevity than other heating systems. Installing an efficient heat pump can also reap federal tax deductions and incentives.

A gas log fireplace is another hassle-free option to increase simplicity and efficiency in your heating solutions. A gas log fireplace is eco-friendly, safe, a breeze to maintain, and highly functional.


Maintenance, Inspection and Prevention

There is nothing more important than to have your furnace regularly maintained and inspected. Regular tune-ups offered by our Nyssa HVAC repair experts can ensure that your furnace does not break down before its time, and solidify optimal performance throughout the taxing winter months. Cleaning and maintenance of your entire heating system can also benefit the health and safety of your family by eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide leaks, and spontaneous combustion. Stay ahead of the curve with our Nyssa HVAC service- here for you and all your needs this winter.

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