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Have you noticed a spike in your utility bills and strange noises from your furnace? Call (208) 585-5868 for Parma heating repair, installation & replacement.

Parma Idaho

Rumbling, grating or squealing sounds indicate a problem with your furnace. An unexplained hike in your monthly energy bills also points to furnace inefficiency. When your home heating system is not running smoothly you take the risk of letting your hard-earned money go up in smoke.

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is the trusted provider of HVAC services in and around Parma, ID. Our fully licensed and insured technicians are available for 24/7 emergency repair services so you’ll never be left in the cold (for too long!). If you’re not 100% satisfied with our service, we offer a money-back guarantee. See what your neighbors are saying about us when you click here.

Why It’s Important to Keep your Furnace in Good Condition

As the heat source responsible for warming your home, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of winter with a broken down furnace. Over the years, cracks and leaks develop in the heat exchange component of your furnace. If left unrepaired for too long, carbon monoxide may escape into your home.

Signs of a carbon monoxide leak:

The burner flame is yellow instead of blue (for a gas-powered furnace)
Excessive soot around furnace
No upward draft in your chimney
Condensation or moisture on windows and walls
Rust on flue pipes or pipe connections

If you think you have a carbon monoxide leak, call a repair technician immediately and ventilate your home.

Benefits of a New Furnace

New technology has allowed for new and improved furnaces that require a fraction of the energy of older models.
Improved safety features such as sealed combustion.
Increased efficiency. New furnaces can be up to 96% efficient compared to 80% at best for older models.
Eco-friendly. Using less fuel is better for your wallet and the earth.
Longer lifespan up to 25 years.

What’s a Home Energy Audit?

If you’re considering replacing your old heater or furnace, let us provide you with a Home Energy Audit. A trained specialist will help you calculate how much energy your existing heating system uses per hour and how much it costs. Then a comparison is made with how much it would cost per hour to heat your home using a newer model. Most people enjoy savings of 20% to 50% on their monthly utility bill.

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Map of Parma, ID
Max W.

Max W.

Old furnace and air conditioner replaced with new Rheem equipment.

Near N 4th St, Parma, ID 83660
Parma, ID - Old furnace and air conditioner replaced with new Rheem equipment.

Map of Parma, ID
Terry C.

Terry C.

Quote on Rheem water heater

Near Apple Valley Rd, Parma, ID 83660
Parma, ID - Quote on Rheem water heater

Map of Parma, ID
Gary C.

Gary C.

Installing air conditioner

Near Market Rd, Parma, ID 83660
Parma, ID - Installing air conditioner

Map of Parma, ID
Max W.

Max W.

New Rheem water installed next day

Near US-26, Parma, ID 83660

Map of Parma, ID
Terry C.

Terry C.

Quoting for Amana heat pump and coil

Near Echo Ave, Parma, ID 83660
Parma, ID - Quoting for Amana heat pump and coil
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Judy Walsh
Judy Walsh
20:22 13 Sep 18
My husband and I have been extremely pleased with our new furnace and air-conditioner. We've had it for over a month now and it keeps excellent temperature control. I'm so glad to find a company that keeps their word on pricing, quality and workmanship. First we decided to have our old system serviced, it had been quite a while. Next we agreed to have a free energy review done. We then decided now was the time to update and we got a deal we couldn't refuse. All employees from start to finish were great to work with. Friendly, respectful and dedicated employees. The actual installers worked very hard at making sure everything was perfect and they did quality work. The boss came past midway and made sure everything was going well, as it certainly was. A week later when the state inspector came, he commented what excellent work had been done and this company was known for quality work.Thanks Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning for everything.
Sally Burns
Sally Burns
03:33 20 Sep 18
The service call with Matthew Phan was extraordinary. He went above and beyond to ensure that all of our service needs were met, and his work ethic is second to none. He is very thorough and knowledgeable in his work and explains his work well and answers questions without hesitation. We needed additional work done in a totally different focus, and he was willing to assist us in getting that set up as well. Customer service is alive and well in this young professional who represents the company so well! His employers can be very proud of this employee for a job well done!
Ronda Oliver
Ronda Oliver
21:37 13 Sep 18
Austin listen to my concerns of the humidity in the house and the smell. The humidity was at 50% way to high and the smell wasn't great. The guy before had turned the fan up a lot higher and he shouldn't have. Austin rewired the blower to the slow speed and took out the blue light and found that it was broke. That could be why the house smelled burnt and hot. He put in a new one and a new filter and everything is great now. Thank you Austin for knowing what to do and how to do it. I am asking for Austin again. Also, my filter that had been in there for only a month didn't look dirty but it didn't smell right ( like smoke).
Judy Groner
Judy Groner
22:38 09 Sep 18
I called Right Now Heating & Air Conditioning after 9:00 pm a couple of nights ago because my Air Conditioner quit working and I wanted to set up an appointment to have it fixed the following day. I spoke with two customer service reps and they were very helpful and made the appointment while I was on the phone with them. They sent a technician to my home by 9:00 am the next morning. The technician, Roger Marches, was very professional, knowledgeable and respectful. After he examined the unit he explained everything to me about the issue, what had to be fixed, and what the cost would be. Roger had the unit working within about 40 minutes from the time he had arrived at my house. He then showed me some basic and very helpful maintenance steps we should do to maintain the units' performance at the highest level possible. It was a pleasure to talk with Roger throughout the entire process. Thank you Roger for all that you do! Thank you Right Now Heating & Air Conditioning for providing wonderful customer service.
Jack Hickey
Jack Hickey
00:56 19 Sep 18
We had Right Now Heating & Air Conditioning do a "Tune-up" service! Our technician was Austin Hiebert and he was EXTREMELY thorough with everything he did! Very professional and friendly, explaining everything as he went along, giving good efficiency recommendations. He was a prime example of what a good technician SHOULD be!! We are VERY HAPPY with Right Now and Austin's commitment to quality for their customers!
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