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Make 2019 the year that you curb your utility costs and save on water and energy. Most consumers are losing money month-after-month through wasted resources; water, heating, and cooling are lost and not utilized, creating waste, inflated bills, and a significant carbon footprint over time. Conserve these utilities and do something to see a difference in your monthly costs.

Start Simply

Start saving this year by integrating simple things into your everyday life to curb costs and prevent waste. These are ways to become more energy-efficient and less-wasteful, without a lot of work. Small strides and minimal effort can equate to big savings overall.

Some simple steps you can take to curb waste include:

  • Set your home’s thermostats and stop fidgeting with them.
  • Let natural light in, for illumination and heat.
  • Fill in cracks, gaps and anywhere you could be losing energy; make sure rooms are vented however to prevent condensation and moisture damage.
  • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth and use shorter cycles for washing clothes to conserve water.
  • Curb water waste by using rain barrels for watering plants and lawns. Take advantage of this free resource!

Want to make a bigger impact and save more energy? Take some larger strides to curb costs and see significant savings over time; consider these options:

Maintain your Systems

It is critical to maintaining your systems- plumbing, heating, cooling – to keep them running effectively and efficiently. One part of regular maintenance should include periodic inspections; it is recommended that HVAC systems are inspected annually, especially if they are older systems and usually at the same time as you have them cleaned. As for your septic system, that should also be cleaned and inspected every couple of years; your plumbing professional will recommend how often and who to call.

Upgrade your Fixtures

How old are your fixtures?  An upgrade could make a difference in your monthly utility costs. For instance, modernizing your thermostat may provide features that control and curb waste with high-tech access to the system through a smartphone or computer. Also, take a look at ductless systems as they can be an ideal platform for some home cooling situations.  Don’t forget your windows; is energy being lost through old or sub-par windows?

Stop Wasting Water

Conserve water with modern fixtures and toilets that offer a low-flow option, reducing the gallons of water lost through traditional flushes. Each time you flush, you could be watching money go down the drain; over time, low-flow toilets could result in significant savings on your water and septic bill.

Watch the Water Heater

Change up your water heater with something that only heats the water as you need it; this could potentially save you a lot of energy and water costs later-on. Instead of using a water heater tank that stores water to be hot on-the-ready, consider changing your system to a tankless unit to take advantage of the savings.  If tankless is not a good fit, then make sure you have your water heater inspected and drained at least annually.  Tip:  turn your water heater down in the summertime.  Cooler baths and showers are much more pleasant during hot weather anyway AND, you’ll save additional wear and tear on your water heater.

Change the Filters

Reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC system by replacing and changing the air filters regularly. This doesn’t just help the system work more efficiently, it will also improve the air quality in the home or space. Changing the filters ensures the system is functioning optimally and that it won’t have to work as hard to keep you warm or cool, which saves a lot of strain on your overall system. This could lead to a longer life for your HVAC system!

Ask your Right Now Heating, Air & Plumbing an energy audit to identify where you may be losing energy in your home or business. We can also pinpoint specific fixtures, appliances, or areas that are eating up a lot of energy each month.

Call us at Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning service in Boise, at (208) 939-447 or visit our website to schedule your heating and air conditioning service in the region. Use these tips to curb costs and save energy; you will also be reducing the carbon footprint that you leave behind!

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