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At Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning, we undertake the inspection, installation, repair, maintenance and overall servicing of HVAC systems. We do not offer service to commercial outlets or
buildings but have chosen to focus on our peculiar niche which is private residential homes.

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are trained, certified and licensed to work on the full range of Carrier HVAC product lines and systems. Our personnel have cognate experience and
constantly undergo training and refresher courses. We will ensure you get the best out of your HVAC equipment and pledge to fix your faulty equipment as soon as possible.

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Carrier Furnaces

Carrier home furnaces give you premium comfort at all times. The furnace is part of the core
of your home and even though it is not visible or overly audible, it still keeps you and your
family comfortable all day long and all year round. Carrier furnaces are silent, energy-efficient furnaces built to keep you warm in winter and to distribute or spread around clean, refreshing, stimulating and invigorating air from your cooling systems (or air conditioners) in the summer season.

Carrier gas furnaces are designed with powerful precision technology to deliver to you peak
performance and optimal quality at all times. Carrier gas models vary from the infinity
system, to the performance series and the comfort series. The infinity systems are the most energy-efficient of all the models with top of the line comfort, performance and efficiency. They have AFUE ratings up to 98.5% which is one of the highest in the industry. They are also the most-quiet (almost noiseless) with the modulating furnaces coming on top and superior humidity control features. Next in line are the performance series Carrier gas furnace models which strike an equilibrium between performance and cost. These units come second in terms of energy efficiency with AFUE ratings of up to 96.5%. The performance series gas furnace models have enhanced comfort features and average or medium humidity control.

Last of all are the comfort series gas furnace models which are the most affordable units with high energy-efficient AFUE ratings of up to 96.5%. They operate simply and have the most basic or rudimentary humidity control features.
However, one common component many Carrier units have is a modulating gas valve that is adjustable up or down in 1% incremental steps. Some models which have variable speed blowers and inducer motors can provide constant temperature throughout the entire year and augmented humidity control as part of your air conditioning system.

Carrier gas furnaces with at least 90% AFUE rating have two heat exchangers namely the primary heat exchanger that does the bulk of the work and a secondary heat exchanger that squeezes out additional heat for increased comfort and efficiency. In order to ensure reliability of the heating and start-up operations, all Carrier gas furnace models include or have inbuilt the Carrier patented PowerHeat igniter.

Carrier Gas Furnace Features:

  • Humidity ControlOne way to ensure sustained comfort in your home or private residence is to have constant humidity levels. When you combine a variable speed air conditioner with an infinity furnace you get the best possible humidity control effect that Carrier product units can offer during the summer and comfort from sufficient warmth during the winter.
  • Comfort Features Carrier has a wide range of options of furnaces available which makes it easier for you to decide what is best for you based on your desired comfort and personal budget.
  • Energy SavingsHome furnaces are classified by their annual fuel utilization efficiency ratings (AFUE). The higher the AFUE rating the more energy-efficient the system unit.
  • Sound Performance Carrier furnaces with modulating or two stage heating give you almost noiseless performance in comparison to Carrier gas furnace models with single stage heating. If the Carrier gas furnace model comes with a fully insulated cabinet, it reduces the noise levels even further.

Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier air conditioning units come from a long pedigree of products well over a century old.
Carrier products offer you a wide range of selections which can enable you meet your
peculiar needs namely budget, efficiency, comfort etc. The broad spectrum of carrier air conditioners gives you the latitude to choose the best solution suited to your needs as a family.

Houses and personal residences differ in scope, size and design. This is why Carrier models cover an array of assorted air conditioning products which meets the needs of your unique home.
Carrier offers central air conditioning system that consists of an air conditioner, an indoor
unit along with an AC evaporator coil usually installed in a utility closet, attic or basement.

The indoor unit’s blower fan circulates conditioned air around the home or private residence
via the ducts within the walls of your house. In some other parts of the world, people will use a combination of heat pumps for the outdoor units and indoor air handlers. This is because these units can also deliver electric heating for cold climates that require it. Carrier also produces ductless mini splits for homes and houses without ducts and these units are a form of a flexible cooling solution. These mini split products are an energy efficient choice and don’t obstruct a window under the bigger bulkier window air conditioners.

Carrier Air-Conditioner Features:

  • Energy Efficient Home Air ConditionersThere is an array of Carrier energy efficient central air conditioners available for your home needs.
  • Super Quiet Air Conditioning UnitsCarrier units are incredibly quiet especially the Infinity 26 AC unit with Greenspeed technology. Carrier unit models that include sound blankets and the patented Silencer System 2 design minimize noise levels even further.
  • Powerful Precision TechnologyCarrier air conditioners come inbuilt with technology that gives you powerful performance and temperature balance.

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