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How To Maintain Your Heat Pump

  • Regularly Change the Air FilterIn the cooler fall and winter months, the air filter should be changed once a month.
  • Regularly Clean Furnace and CoilsOur qualified technicians can help vacuum out the furnace, clean the fan, dust the coils and repair the motor.
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What Does a Heat Pump Do?

A heat pump is a heat transfer system that uses similar technology to a refrigerator or air conditioning system. Instead of generating heat, it shifts heat from the ground, air or water. Two heat exchanger coils circulate refrigerant between them; one coil absorbs heat (evaporator coil) and then circulates the refrigerant to a high-pressure coil (condenser coil) which releases the heat into the surroundings.

A great feature of a heat pump is its versatility — in the summer months it is fully reversible and can absorb heat from your home and release cool air. A heat pump also helps regulate humidity, a bonus in the hot and sometimes humid summer months.

It can be powered by electricity or gas. In Idaho, electricity is generated by coal, therefore natural gas units are cleaner, and are up to 60% more efficient than electric models. There are a variety of rebates, tax credits and incentives when you choose to install an efficient heat pump.


The Difference Between a Heat Pump and an Air Conditioner

A heat pump and an air conditioner might look similar and serve the purpose of cooling your home, but they function differently and have distinct advantages. An air conditioner is designed solely to cool your home by extracting heat from the indoor air and expelling it outside. In contrast, a heat pump can both cool and heat your home. It works by transferring heat, allowing it to reverse its operation in the winter to extract heat from the outdoor air (even in cold conditions) and bring it inside. This dual functionality makes heat pumps a versatile and energy-efficient option for year-round climate control.

Benefits of A Heat Pump

A heat pump is essentially two systems in one. Here are a few benefits:

  • Instead of using energy to create heat ‘from scratch,’ it utilizes the existing heat in the air, water or ground and transfers it into your home. Heat pump systems create up to 4 times the amount of energy it requires to run.
  • Instead of having an air conditioning system and a furnace, a heat pump does the job of both. This means you save space and have less maintenance.
  • The simplicity of the system means there are less mechanical components that require repair and with regular maintenance, you can help prolong its lifespan.
Heat Pump Repair

Lifespan of A Heat Pump

The lifespan of a heat pump typically ranges from 10 to 15 years, depending on various factors such as the quality of the unit, regular maintenance, and usage patterns. High-quality heat pumps, when properly maintained, can even last up to 20 years. Regular maintenance, including annual check-ups, filter changes, and ensuring the system is clean and free of debris, can significantly extend the lifespan of a heat pump. Additionally, proper installation by a professional and appropriate sizing for the space it serves are crucial for optimizing its longevity. Over time, as with any mechanical system, components may wear out and efficiency may decline, making timely repairs and eventual replacement necessary to maintain optimal performance and energy efficiency.

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