Tub and Shower Repair or Replacement

Over a period of years, bathtubs and showers can really take a beating, especially if you have a large number of occupants in your home who frequently take showers or baths. You will probably begin to notice a number of scratches or gouges, you might notice leaky faucets or shower heads, and there are a number of other ways that age can also take its toll on your bathtubs and showers.

Then again, you might want to replace your bathtub or shower simply because you’d like to update your bathroom, and install something more modern or more in keeping with the rest of your household decor. When any of these situations happens in your home, you should contact Right Now Heating and Cooling, so that one of our specialists can review your bathroom situation, and advise you on some options for installing a new bathtub or shower.

How Do You Know it’s Time to Replace Your Tub or Shower?

  • Tub or Shower Fixtures Not Working Properly
  • Tub or Shower Has Visible Cracks or Scratches
  • The Tub or Shower Has Discoloration Present
  • You Feel The Tub and Shower are Outdated and Need an Update
  • The Tub or Shower Gets Perpetually Dirty, Even With Regular Cleaning
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Tub and Shower Replacement Options

You might want to go ultra-modern, and install a Jacuzzi or a bathtub with jets in your standard bathtub, and we can help you out there as well. No matter what kind of replacement ideas you have for your bathtub or shower, we can help provide top-notch products which will be a tremendous upgrade from whatever you have, and then make sure it’s expertly installed, so that you never have any problems with it.

The good thing is, there is an enormous variety of bathtubs and showers available on the market today, so you’ll have endless possibilities to choose from. If you can’t find anything that really appeals to you, we can also do some customized bathtub or shower installation which will be exactly what you want.

Even if you don’t plan to do a full replacement for your bathtub or shower, but just want to swap out the fixtures for newer versions, our specialists will be glad to advise you on some options available to you. Contact us today at Right Now Heating and Cooling, so that one of our well-trained specialists can assess your bathroom situation, and advise you on what will fit best for you.

Replacing Parts of your Bathtub or Shower

If you happen to have a beautiful claw foot bathtub installed in your home which you have always loved, but the drain or the piping is rusted out and unattractive, we can definitely provide a solution for you. We recognize the inherent beauty of claw foot bathtubs or any other antique shower or bath tub components you may have, and we’d like to help you preserve them as much as you want to keep them.

We’ll be glad to swap out the bathtub drain for you, as well as any of the piping which has become corroded or otherwise unattractive, so that you can continue to enjoy bathing in your favorite bathtub. After our expert service, it will be just like bathing in a brand-new bathtub, except that it will retain all the old world charm of your original tub.

Replacements for shower parts can also be handled with ease by our skilled technicians at Right Now Heating and Cooling. If you have an old, discolored shower drain which has become an eyesore, we’ll be glad to swap it out for you with a brand-new stainless steel version, or any other style of your choosing. After this kind of service, your shiny new drain will have the same appearance as your shiny new valves and faucets, and your shower head will also be new-looking in appearance.

Whatever parts you need replaced, we can swap them out for more durable products which are usually an upgrade in appearance as well. If your shower or your bathtub are working just fine, and you really love what you have installed, but just need a few parts replaced to bring them up to snuff, we’ll be very happy to do that for you, so that you can bathe or shower again in a new and fresh-looking area.

It’s important for any homeowner to have tub and shower maintenance. Call us at (208) 585-5868 for professional Boise Plumbing repair services.

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