Amana Products

AMANA has established itself as one of the leading HVAC brands on the market today. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality heating and cooling systems that are built to last. One of the main reasons why AMANA’s products stand out from the competition is their focus on efficiency. AMANA’s furnaces and air conditioners are designed to operate at peak efficiency, which means that they use less energy to heat or cool your home. This can result in significant cost savings over time, as your energy bills will be lower than they would be with a less efficient system.

In addition to their efficiency, AMANA’s products are also known for their durability. These systems are designed to withstand the test of time and can provide reliable performance for years to come. This is especially important when you consider that HVAC systems are a major investment for most homeowners. By choosing an AMANA system, you can rest assured that you are getting a product that is built to last.

Amana Products
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Amana Furnace’s

Amana offers a plethora of high-efficiency modulating variable-speed gas furnaces with a new stainless-steel tubular primary re-engineered heat exchanger. These gas furnace products which have undergone a component upgrade will give you durability and reliability over the long term which is good savings, by employing wrinkle bend technology.

Products certified to have an AFUE rating of 90% or more are deemed to have a peak performance rating. This means that Amana gas furnaces that have ratings up to 98% AFUE are the very best in its class and 98 cents out of every 1 dollar spent on energy goes into heating your home.

Some key features include the following such as:

  • Quiet ComfortThe Amana brand of gas furnace is insulated for reduction of noise, operates on low capacity for a lengthy period of time, and generates 25% of the normal high-fire expected with a circulating blower sound produced by multi-speed motors.
  • Energy EfficiencyWhenever you achieve energy efficiency you get cost savings. A standard method utilized in verifying a gas furnace’s efficiency rating is to define it using 2 factors namely the AFUE rating and the type of blower used.
  • Steel Tubular Primary Heat ExchangerThis tubular construction which is unique to the brand is formed using wrinkle bend technology and results in a very durable heat exchanger. When this is combined with a stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger what you have is reliability and efficiency.
  • Efficient and Quiet Variable-Speed Circulator MotorThis component makes possible quiet system shutdown and startup with a high degree of efficiency in performance.
  • Quiet Variable-Speed Induced Draft Blower This enhances the energy efficiency and performance as well as detailed and accurate control compared to natural draft furnace types.

Amana Air Conditioners

Amana’s line of products covers an array of high-efficiency air conditioners with the following key features and advantages:

  • ComfortSpeed TechnologyThis allows for automatic adjustment of the compressor speed and condensing fan motor depending on the cooling demand. This could be full-100% capacity for much higher temperatures and reduced capacity for milder days.
  • Efficient Cooling CapacityAmana systems have an inbuilt 5 millimetre refrigeration grade premium copper tubing and aluminium fin condenser coil configuration which delivers significant heat transfer properties with R-410A refrigerant.
  • CopelandComfortAlert DiagnosticsThis is an advanced form of diagnostics which continually checks your air conditioner system, reduces failures and identifies problem areas for quick fixes.
  • Factory-Installed Inline Filter DrierThis is a protective mechanism for the refrigerant system against moisture and dirt which gives longer service life compared to units without such filters.

Amana Thermostats

A key feature of Amana furnaces is ComfortBridge Technology. What is ComfortBridge Technology and how does it work?

ComfortBridge is a brand of technology that continually monitors the operation and functioning of a high-efficiency heating and cooling system. Data is gathered and used to make automatic adjustments in order to use the minimal amount of energy you need for comfort as well as reliable heating and cooling systems.

It also works with single-stage thermostats which also enhances customized comfort indoors for you and the family. The ComfortBridge also comes installed in a variety of ways namely with the circuit board securely incorporated into the indoor unit rather than the usual way of installing it into the thermostat which is then connected to an inner wall within the home

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