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Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is Southern Idaho's most trusted HVAC company. We are locally owned and operated, so you can expect fast service no matter where you are in the area.
We own all of the systems we install for our customers. Our selection of high-efficiency products will not only ensure greater comfort for your family, but increased energy savings in the long run as well. This allows you to enjoy true peace of mind while avoiding unexpected problems and emergencies.
What you can expect when you call us:

Live, friendly greeting from a knowledgeable expert
Convenient scheduling - we work around your schedule
Prompt arrival by a clean, polite, licensed technician
Fast turnarounds that don’t compromise quality
Reliable results for your long-term peace of mind
Solid 100% satisfaction guarantee - no-hassle experience

Boise Heating Repair Services

We provide a full range of repair, replacement, and maintenance services for your heating and cooling equipment. We handle everything, from obtaining the necessary permits to designing and installing an efficient comfort system that fits your Boise Heating and Air needs.

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Right Now is Idaho’s trusted heating repair and replacement company!

In fact, Right Now is the Number #1 furnace and heating company in Idaho. Choose Right Now Heating & Air Conditioning when experience and reliability counts. Right Now is a locally owned and operated heating service, repair & replacement company operating in Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon. We specialize in the repair, replacement and installation of residential heating systems. All the Right Now technicians are highly trained and familiar with the demands a Southern Idaho winter can place on your heating system. All of our trucks are fully equipped so we can immediately handle your furnace repair issue. Right Now can service and repair all brands, makes and models of furnace units, including yours! Call Right Now, we can help you today with your cold weather home comfort needs!


When you are looking for furnace repair in Boise, Idaho, and all of southern Idaho, make sure you call on the company that has the most experience with repairing residential furnace repair and that is Right Now Heating & Air! The “Guys In The Pink Trucks” repair more furnaces and heaters in the state of Idaho than any other furnace repair company.


When your heating system breaks down or fails, you want to know you can trust your furnace repair company. Right Now Heating & Air is a company that works hard to earn its customer’s trust and confidence every day. In fact, Right Now Heating & Air sets the standard in Idaho for customer satisfaction and our Code Of Ethics is just one reason why!

Right Now Heating & Air is fully bonded and insured. We pull all required permits on the jobs we work on. Right Now never asks for any money up front and always fully discloses your costs before any work is done. Right Now contracts are simple, easy to understand and contain no fine print. All Right Now employees are background screened and drug tested. Right Now offers the state of Idaho’s only true 100% money back guarantee. You can learn more about what sets Right Now apart as a reputable AC repair company by viewing our Code Of Ethics.

If you are looking for an ethical furnace repair company in our service areas of Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Pocatello & Eastern Oregon, and surrounding communities, look no further than Right Now Heating & Air! Call us or contact us through our Service Request Form. An upstanding Right Now customer service professional is available to help you.


Here’s one of the most important things about furnace replacement, the new unit may actually save you money every month. Our new, high efficiency units work so well that they can lower your monthly utility bills to where you are actually putting money back in your pocket!

Deciding to repair or replace your current heating unit should be done only after careful consideration of your options. If you decide it is time for a new air conditioning system, your Right Now comfort specialist will help you by correctly sizing the new unit by using information like the square footage of your home, number of windows, and even what rooms you use most often in the winter months. Many home owners experience uneven heating in their home over the summer months. You’ll want to discuss that with your Right Now Comfort Specialist as well. When all variables are considered your Right Now Comfort Specialist will be able appropriately size the unit, as well as discuss options with your related to efficiency ratings, furnace replacement system upgrades,

Right Now Heating & Air Conditioning is Your Heater Replacement Specialists!

If you are looking at furnace replacement during our cold weather and live in our service area of Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Pocatello & Eastern Oregon, and surrounding communities, contact Right Now by calling us or filling out this form. A friendly Right Now representative is ready to help you.


Once the weather starts to turn chilly and cold, you know that it is furnace maintenance season. Regularly schedule furnace maintenance is a small out-of-pocket investment that will pay you back in dividends. Furnace maintenance pays you back in several important ways. Furnace maintenance, when conducted through the life of your system will add economic years to the system, and thereby delaying an eventual furnace replacement, which, of course, represents a considerable financial investment.

Proper and thorough furnace maintenance will provide return on investment to you because your furnace will run more efficient. An efficient furnace means you are keeping more money in your pocket every month! The third way furnace maintenance makes a lot of sense and benefits you and your family is the comfort it provides. Think about it, your furnace is supposed to keep you warm and comfortable in the Fall and Winter months of the year. If you are not comfortable because your furnace is running at diminished capacity, you’ve already lost money on your original investment!


Make no mistake about it a dirty furnace is not your friend. It wastes fuel because it markedly decreases furnace efficiency. Any time this happens, you know you are also wasting your hard-earned money. The three primary parts that need cleaned on our furnace are: The filter, the blower, and the blower motor. Most people find that cleaning the filter is the easiest (and arguably the most important) step in cleaning your furnace. You should change your furnace filter out at the beginning of the heating season, but then follow your manufacturer’s recommendation throughout the season.

Please note that in some situations, such as a smoker in the home, you may want to change the furnace filter more frequently than the manufacturer even recommends. Furnace cleaning becomes a bit more difficult for many home owners when it comes to cleaning the blower assembly, blower motor, along with the associated belts and pulleys. This is because it usually requires removal of the panel that houses these parts and removal of the fan unit. It is our experience that many home owners do not feel comfortable performing their own furnace cleaning, and so Right Now Heating & Air recommends that a professional be hired to perform such a task. The Right Now Heating & Air can perform this task for you, as well as the peace of mind of knowing Right Now Heating & Air stands behind their work! Furnace cleaning is part of a regular furnace maintenance program.


Right Now Heating & Air is Southern Idaho’s heating repair experts because we repair more residential heating systems than anyone in our marketing neighborhoods.

Right Now Heating & Air works on every type of residential heating system, to include:

• Forced Air
• Radiant Heat
• Hydronic (Hot Water Base Board)
• Steam Radiant
• Oil
• Geothermal

When you are looking at a Boise Heating & Air and heating repair, look to the experts at Right Now Heating & Air! The “Guys In The Pink Trucks!”


Many of the furnaces that you will find in our region are gas furnaces. Just like any home comfort system, when you turn your gas furnace on, you expect to get warm air coming through the registers. Just like any mechanical system, however, you may experience some kind of trouble with your as heating unit. When you find the need to trouble shoot your gas furnace, you may want to look at several things.

Check to see if you filter is dirty. A dirty filter can actually trip your breaker and cause the furnace to blow only cold air. Related to this is to check to see if you have too many registers closed in your home. Again, the resistance being pushed back into the unit can cause the breaker to trip. Check to see if the heating unit is getting gas. Is this door cover to the furnace on correctly? Some gas furnaces are temperamental and will only work when the cover is on correctly, which usually means tightly. We are often called to gas furnace repair jobs only to find that the gas was turned off after the previous heating season and once we turn the gas on the furnace unit works properly. You should always remember when you are trying to diagnose and repair your own gas furnace, that you are working with a system that operates on combustible gas, so please use appropriate cautions. If you ever smell gas, please call your local natural gas utility company right away.

If you decide you would like to leave the gas furnace diagnosis and repair up to a professional, please give Right Now Heating & Air a call. Right Now Heating & Air repairs more residential gas furnace systems in Southern Idaho than anyone else!


Consumer Reports is a trusted consumer advocacy organization that you have undoubtedly heard of. In a 2003 report by Consumer Reports, they stated that the single most important part of a furnace heating replacement is selecting a qualified contractor who could install the heating unit properly and then maintain it over the life of the unit.

Did you know the most critical factor regarding how your heating system will function and endure over time is the installation? At Right Now Heating & Air we strive to make every furnace installation the best furnace installation you could possibly ask for. We take great pride that our furnace installs are all technically correct, but also “aesthetically” correct. This means new furnace will function that way it was engineered to function, but also look great doing it!

A great Right Now furnace installation starts with our Comfort Advisors. The Right Now Heating & Air Comfort Advisors have extensive industry training & experience to properly size your new heating system for your home. The Comfort Advisor will go beyond the heating system and take a look at the overall efficiency of your home. This includes such things as attic insulation, heat loss calculations, humidity levels & etc. Once the Comfort Advisor completely understands the technical layout & requirements, they then help you, the customer, understand your options regarding system efficiency levels, comfort considerations, budgetary options, as well as financing options.

The next phase is the actual furnace installation. When you hire Right Now Heating & Air for your furnace installation, you will know you have hired the industries “A-Team.” This is evident from the minute the Right Now installers arrive on the job. Their organization, skill, & aptitude are second to none. In addition to installing your new heating system properly, they will make it look good. The heating unit will be level & squared, all electrical connections will be tight and secure, all joints are sealed & tightened, clean PVC joints that are proper grade. When the Right Now installation team is done, you will find the work site clean. Some of our customers even tell us that the Right Now team leaves their home cleaner than they found it!

Right Now Heating & Air stands behind our furnace installations with an industry leading satisfaction warranty. Customers who have purchased their furnace from us and experienced Right Now Heating & Air service tell their neighbors Right Now is the best because we do what we say we will do on every job. The Right Now Heating & Air expertise means your furnace installation will be second to none.


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