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Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is a business concern with a bias for the inspection, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems for a wide variety of products. We only service residential outlets like personal homes, and houses but not commercial buildings. Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning has the necessary manpower required to service all types of HVAC systems that fall under the product line Mitsubishi Electric. These cover the full range of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and plumbing units that provide you with comfort in your home.

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning has staff who are professional, trained, licensed, and certified to work on a vast array of Mitsubishi Electric HVAC units that deal with cooling, heating, ventilation and plumbing needs of consumers. We are dedicated to your comfort and convenience which is why Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning offers to help you manage your systems at home so you are warm, cool and have proper ventilation in spite of and regardless of all types of inclement weather conditions.

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Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners:

Mitsubishi Electric is an industry leader and a top selling brand in the product segment of
zoned air conditioning and heating systems. These units provide you with cleaner air,
superior cooling control, heating and a periodic energy bill. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units are quiet, intelligent, efficient systems that give you a long service life at a much lower cost of ownership. Furthermore, these products give you the latitude to define your comfort zones.
You get to allot different zones for portions of your residential place of residence such as
your kitchen, basement, bedrooms, living room, office and other living spaces in order to
ensure each room is always snug and comfy.

All you need to do is to select a particular temperature for each assigned zone, what happens
next is that the system maintains that selected temperature level with the least amount of
energy. If you want more energy savings, you could prefer not to heat up or cool rooms or
spaces in the house. The Mitsubishi Electric product line has several options available namely wall mount units, multi-zone outdoor units, ducted units, ceiling cassette units, floor mount units, and the recessed ceiling cassette units.

The technology utilized by Mitsubishi Electric puts comfort into your hands. A zoned air conditioning and heating system has some essential components namely the outdoor unit, the indoor unit and smart comfort controls. What happens is that the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner operates by transferring heat to and from an outdoor unit to one or more indoor units via a connection of pipes which contain the refrigerant (a fluid that absorbs heat).
When it comes to the cooling mode, the refrigerant takes heat inside the residence and gives
out colder air by relocating refrigerant from units inside the house to the outdoor unit where
the heat is ejected. The process is reversed when it operates in heating mode, as the refrigerant takes in heat external to the home and gives warmth by transferring the refrigerant from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.

This heat transfer method used even in winter is fueled and driven by electricity which is
environment friendly. The outdoor unit is inbuilt with an inverter which allows it change the
amount of power it uses and the amount of refrigerant it moves to and from the indoor units.
The outdoor unit by virtue of its inbuilt inverter only uses the amount of power required to
attain the preferred temperature for each zone.

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps:

The Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps provide zero emissions heating by using heat transfer
and compression rather than fuel combustion. Heat pumps provide up to three times more
energy as heat than is used as electricity. If you use a multi split heat pump system for your heating needs, you get to reduce heating costs due to increased energy efficiency. Mitsubishi Electric has a solution suited to your varied needs.

The M-Series product line up is part of the impressive array of Mitsubishi Electric units of
heat pumps. A multiple model range with several outstanding features is available from
which selections can be made. These include inverter-equipped wall mounted models, floor standing and multi-position air handlers. One significant feature used in Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps is the H2i plus hyper-heating heat pump technology which is the leading technology in the industry. The H2i plus outdoor units produce up to 100% heating capacity down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is the answer to all your heating, cooling, ventilation, and plumbing needs for all your Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems. Our specialties cover air conditioning  repairs, furnace repairs, ventilation, cooling and heating services. We carry out consultancy services, furnace installation and replacement as well as furnace tune ups. We deal with carbon monoxide leaks, rooms with poor air quality and circulation, strange noises, as well as constant powering off and on of your HVAC units.

If you are having issues with any of your Mitsubishi Electric products call us at 208-585-5868 to schedule service today

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