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Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is your one stop shop for the audit, repair, inspection, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of HVAC systems. We do not cater for commercial outlets but provide a wide range of services for houses, homes and private residences.

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning has a well-trained technical team with cognate experience, licensed and certified to work on the full spectrum of Daikin HVAC systems and product units. We know how inconvenient it is for your systems to malfunction during extreme weather conditions. This is why we pledge to get them up and running in the shortest possible time in
order to ensure your comfort is not compromised.

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Daikin Furnaces

Daikin presents a wide range of options for heating solutions which are environment friendly
from gas furnaces, condensing boilers, to infra-red electric heaters. The product line of Payne variable and multispeed furnaces does away with the “cold air blow” of single speed furnaces in order to provide heating solutions that brings you savings and optimal energy efficiency.

All Daikin gas furnaces are specifically designed to attain high efficiency ratings (high AFUE
ratings) with tubular stainless steel. When paired with a split unit air conditioning system, Daikin gas furnaces provide and conserve warmth in your private residence during winter.

In addition, the furnace fan or blower also helps the air conditioner unit distribute cooled air
around the house during extremely hot and warm summers. Daikin gas furnaces which have two stage or variable speed blowers give exceptionally high efficiency because it does not operate at 100% on or 100% off rates. Daikin gas furnaces which are also intelligent give you enhanced comfort and reduces your energy bill. This means that Daikin gas furnaces provide you with an extremely efficient and economical heating performance. These units have a lengthy life span.

Daikin Furnace Features:

  • Primary Tubular Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger for outstanding durability and heat transfer.
  • Secondary Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger for increased efficiency and additional comfort in comparison to models with only a primary heat exchanger.
  • Efficient and Quiet Variable Speed Motor which gently increases or decreases speed depending on the furnace performance demand.
  • Quiet Variable Speed Induced Draft Blower which provides enhanced energy-efficient performance and accurate control in contrast to single speed blowers.
  • Durable Silicon Nitride Igniter which eliminates the need for an energy depleting pilot light.

Daikin Air Conditioners

Daikin residential air conditioning units give you ultimate control of your indoor environment. The Daikin full product line which covers all aspects of cooling, heating, ventilation and humidity control uses heat pump and inverter technologies peculiar to Daikin. This ensures there is equilibrium of clean invigorating fresh air, humidity and temperature for all the rooms in your private residence all day long and all year long.

Daikin has both split and multi split types of air conditioning systems. These units give
exceptional performance, energy efficiency and comfort in sophisticated cooling solutions
that are suitable for all lifestyles and interior spaces. Daikin’s product line up which is all-encompassing uses Daikin patented technology to minimize costs and the impact on the environment. There are slight differences between Daikin split and multi split air conditioning systems.

The split unit allows for connection between 1 indoor unit to 1 outdoor unit. It can be easily installed inconspicuously to buildings without any need for ducts. The Daikin split unit air conditioners also provides you with a sophisticated air conditioning solution to single zone interior spaces at an affordable price as well as simple solutions for one room additions. The Daikin multi split air conditioning units on the other hand connects 5 indoor units to a single or 1 outdoor unit. It allows you install or set up a complete air conditioning system to multiple zone interior spaces without any need for ducts. Daikin mini split air conditioning units grants you individual control of room temperature settings. It also makes provision for indoor units of different styles and capacities inside a single system. This is for specially customized solutions unique to each residential setting.

Daikin AC Features:

  • Flexible InstallationDaikin compact split and multi split air conditioners can be easily installed in homes which have limited space.
  • Individual Controleach Daikin indoor unit can function independently to deliver air comfort only to specific rooms where the air is needed.
  • Extensive Product LineupA broad array of models gives you the latitude to perfectly match any style and performance to any interior space.
  • Energy and Cost SavingsDaikin patented advanced heat pump and inverter technologies give increased efficiency and energy savings at reduced costs.

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