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One of the hardest working appliances in your home is your kitchen garbage disposal. You may only know how integral a garbage disposal is to the functioning of your kitchen when it is need of repair. Right Now Plumbing is your garbage disposal repair experts!

Garbage Disposal Boise, ID


Jammed Garbage Disposal

A common homeowner headache is a jammed garbage disposal. A jam occurs when an object, such as a ring, bottle top, twist-tie or heavy fibrous material falls into the disposal that then impedes the units motor shaft. When this happens you will most likely hear a terrible racket. In some situations, the garbage disposal hums, but blades don’t move at all. We’re fast response experts at safely removing these objects from your garbage disposal system quickly.

Leaking Garbage Disposal

Have you found water under your garbage disposal? Water leaks from the garbage disposal can be caused by corroded or split pipes, poor fitting joints, or even a leak from the garbage disposal itself. Call Right Now Plumbers to diagnose the problem. Right Now has up front pricing, our work is guaranteed, and if you require a replacement, our professional plumber will install your new system quickly.

Garbage Disposal Throws The Breaker

If your garbage disposal throws the breaker when you turn it on, this can mean it is jammed, but it also may meant that your garbage disposal impeller motor has seized up. Right Now Plumbing can accurately diagnose the problem and provide solutions. If the motor has indeed seized up, your Right Now Plumber can have a replacement unit installed; often times within the same visit.


Did you know all garbage disposals are not alike? When it comes time for a new garbage disposal, know the options available in these kitchen appliances. There are continuous feed garbage disposals and batch feed garbage disposals. Some garbage disposals have stainless steel cutters, while other kitchen disposals have aluminum parts. You have options with regard to disposal warranty coverage and even quietness of operation. Your Right Now Plumbing pro can go over your options and help you decide what works best at your home.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Replacing a broken garbage disposal can take the better part of your afternoon. Don’t do it! When it is time to replace our garbage disposal, call the Guys In The Pink Trucks! We will educate you on the features and functions of your new garbage disposal; we’ll install it quickly, and we’ll stand behind our work with a 100% service satisfaction guarantee.
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