Yard Faucet Installation and Repair

Yard faucets, which are sometimes referred to as bury hydrants, can be extremely handy for watering your garden, or possibly for filling up or topping off your pool. A bury hydrant is an underground system of piping which is connected to your city water supply or to your well, so that this water supply can be used for various landscaping and yard projects.

Types of Outdoor Faucets

  • Hose Bib
  • Outdoor Kitchen Faucet
  • Spigot
  • Ball Valve Faucet
  • Yard Hydrant
  • Freeze Proof Faucets
  • Anti-Siphon Faucet

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What is a Yard Faucet?

In most cases, the garden or other shrubbery attached to a home is not located directly adjacent to the home itself, which means carrying water could get to be a major nuisance. While you may have an exterior faucet attached to your home, a bury hydrant can put the faucet right out where you need it, so that a much shorter hose can be used, or possibly no hose at all.

People who live in rural areas may have livestock which need water, or a barn where water is required for various functions. This can be an ideal usage for a bury hydrant, because it can put the water supply right in the barn or very close by. You can even have a bury hydrant set up so that you can pour the water right into a bathtub, or other container which livestock can sip from when they’re in the mood.

If you already have a bury hydrant installed, and wish to replace it, or if you’re looking for a brand-new installation of a bury hydrant, we are the professionals you should work with. At Right Now Heating and Cooling, we have expert specialists who have all the technical skills and knowledge to install an efficient bury hydrant for you, to make life easier in your garden or for your barn.

In addition to avoiding the need for running 100 feet of hose to water whatever livestock or shrubbery requires it, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of never having your water line freeze outdoors. Since bury hydrants are typically buried four feet below the surface of the ground, they are not subject to frost or freezing as other exterior pipes might be. Once our specialists install your bury hydrant, you can pretty much forget about it, and count on it being available to you whenever you need it.

Repairs for Your Bury Hydrant

If your bury hydrant was installed quite some time ago, and has begun to show signs of leakage or worn out parts, we can fix the problem for you at Right Now Heating and Cooling. It happens fairly often that older bury hydrants require at least minor adjustments, so that they can stay working efficiently and effectively to supply water for all your outdoor needs.

Any adjustments which become necessary will be identified during an annual inspection by our specialist, and it’s very much to your advantage to start up a program of annual inspections, so that you don’t encounter any major issues. Whenever undetected problems go untreated, the eventual resolution can always be much more costly than it would have been if detected early. Contact us at Right Now Heating and Cooling, so that we can set you up for regular inspections, and make sure that your bury hydrant is always functioning at its best.

How Bury Hydrants Work

When your bury hydrant is closed, there is no water present in the riser pipe or in the head. There is a plunger which keeps water well below the frost line, so that no freezing can occur. When the hydrant valve is open and water is flowing, the plunger is lifted and it allows water to flow freely, at the same time that the drain hole become sealed.

When your bury hydrant is closed and draining, pushing the handle down causes the plunger to be depressed and to shut off the supply of water, while at the same time opening the drain hole. This permits any remaining water in the riser pipe and in the head to filter down into the gravel bed, so that the bury hydrant is completely empty, and has no chance of freezing.

It’s important for any homeowner to have Yard Faucet yearly maintenance. Call us at (208) 585-5868 for professional Boise Plumbing repair services.

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