Air Conditioner Tune Up

In order to ensure that your cooling system is ready for the summer season, there are some things you can do at home, and there are some things that are best left to a qualified professional. By providing regular maintenance to your air-conditioning system, you can identify any parts that are about to wear out before that actually happens and you can have all moving parts lubricated to extend their lives. Filters should be checked to make sure that all contaminants are kept out of the air circulation system, so that family members are not bothered by poor indoor air quality.

At least at the beginning of every summer season, you should have a professional give a thorough inspection to your air-conditioning system, and service any parts which require it. This kind of regular attention can stave off major repairs and possibly prevent a complete breakdown during the summer season when you most need your cooling system. While a professional will handle the aspects of service which are beyond the range of most homeowners, there are some things you can do to make sure your cooling system is ready for the season.

Steps that homeowners can take

One of the things that every homeowner can certainly accomplish with regard to their air-conditioning system is to wash it at the beginning of the season. Between this and changing the filters on your air conditioning system, you can eliminate a lot of the dirt that hangs around your cooling system and may impede the airflow. By keeping your cooling system clean and free of obstruction it will be better able to do its normal function and provide clean, conditioned air for all occupants of your household.

It’s a good idea to check on your air filter each month during the summer season, even if it doesn’t need to be changed. You can always tap it on the ground or the floor so as to remove particles, and prevent them from being recirculated throughout the home. When you do have to replace an air filter, make sure you purchase the right one, because they accomplish varying degrees of filtration.

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, it might be worth your while to invest in one, because it will regulate your cooling operation and provide a more consistent level of conditioned air for all hours of the day. You can also help out your air-conditioning system and make it work a little less stressfully by closing shades and blinds to keep out the warmest rays of the sun.

You may even want to install a fan in the rooms which are most used by occupants, to provide an assist to your cooling system, and allow it to work less strenuously. Another thing you can do is to ensure that the entire area around your air-conditioning unit is kept free of objects which might impede airflow. This is true of both indoor and outdoor units, and it’s worth your while to periodically check your outdoor unit to make sure that leaves aren’t piling up, or any kind of shrubbery is not becoming an obstacle with your air-conditioning unit.

Keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape

The best way to ensure that your HVAC unit is performing up to its utmost capabilities is to have it inspected and serviced by a qualified professional at the start of the season. With summer just around the corner in Boise, Idaho, you’ll want to know that your air conditioner is ready to handle all the warmth and humidity associated with the season. Contact us at Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning so that you can have peace of mind about your HVAC unit being prepared. We can be reached at (208) 939-4475, or by visiting our website at With the best-trained and most professional technicians in the region, we’ll make sure your cooling system is ready for summer weather.