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4 Plumbing Upgrades That Help With Water Conservation

Water conservation is becoming more and more important as our use of the resource becomes more and more scarce in many parts of the world.  

Fortunately, you can always improve your household’s water conservation by installing helpful plumbing upgrades in your home’s plumbing system. These fixtures will allow you to save a little water every time you wash your hands, shower, or even flush the toilet. 

Here are some upgrades you can add to your home’s plumbing system to help with water conservation. 

  1. Water-saving showerheadsShower head


When it comes to conserving water, one of the most important plumbing upgrades you can make is installing a water-saving showerhead. Not only will it help reduce your water usage, but it will also save you money on your monthly water bill.  You’ll also find that some water-saving showerheads are designed to be adjustable, so you can customize your shower experience and get the best of both worlds – a strong, invigorating spray or a gentler, relaxing one.  Installing a water-saving showerhead is an easy way to help conserve water and save money. So, if you’re looking for an easy and practical way to do your part for the environment, this is a good upgrade! But make sure you ask a plumber with contractors insurance to install your showerhead to avoid problems. 

  1. Low-flow toiletsUntitled design 18 

Upgrading to a low-flow toilet is an easy and effective way to conserve water while also helping you save money. With so many different options available, there’s sure to be a low-flow toilet that works perfectly for your home.  Low-flow toilets are designed to reduce the amount of water used in each flush and can be up to 70% more efficient than older, standard models. While the initial cost may be higher than standard toilets, the savings on your water bill can quickly add up.  In terms of water conservation, low-flow toilets make a huge difference. The average household can save thousands of gallons of water annually by upgrading to a low-flow toilet. So, upgrading to a low-flow toilet is a great option if you’re looking for an easy way to conserve water. 

  1. Water heaters

New water heater models have temperature and pressure sensors, anti-scalding technology, and digital displays. This will help ensure that your water heater is running efficiently and safely.   Consider a tankless water heater if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option. Tankless water heaters require less energy to operate since they only heat the water that is needed and can provide nearly limitless hot water. While tankless heaters may be more expensive upfront, they offer more energy savings in the long run.  Regardless of what kind of on-demand or tankless water heater you choose, these plumbing upgrades will help you conserve water while still enjoying all the comforts of hot water. 

  1. Rainwater harvesting

Many different rainwater harvesting systems are available, but the most basic systems include gutters and downspouts connected to a storage tank.   The stored rainwater can be used for irrigation, car washing, cleaning, or even drinking if filtered properly. With the proper installation, rainwater harvesting technologies can be a great way to conserve water while also improving the environment.  The cost of installing a rainwater harvesting system varies depending on the type of system you choose. Generally, you can expect to spend anywhere from several hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the size and complexity of your setup. Once installed, you can enjoy the benefits of rainwater harvesting without worrying about conserving water. 

In Conclusion 

Water conservation has become more of an issue than ever before. The easiest way to reduce your water consumption at home is to eliminate any leaks in your plumbing by scheduling regular plumbing maintenance 

Luckily, plenty of plumbing upgrades are available to help you save even more water down the line. And we’ve listed some of them above. 

About the author 

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