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We all want cozy homes when the weather starts to change and the temperatures drop outside. Achieving these levels of comfort can be challenging, however, if you don’t have the proper protocols in place. But you don’t want to spend a small fortune just to keep the indoor temps at a reasonable level. That’s where checking the insulation in your attic can help. Making a small upgrade to these attic spaces could make a big impact for your overall energy costs.

 Where Attic Insulation Can Help

 The first rule of thumb for attic insulation is to know that the materials always settle over time. When this happens, your home’s efficiency ratings for heating and cooling can start to fall. So, if you want to keep your energy bills low, it’s important to keep an eye on your attic insulation’s thickness as the years go by. Investing in HVAC maintenance can only go so far for your energy efficiency if your insulation isn’t measuring at the proper levels.</p

 Often times, it’s the homes that are getting up in years that could use additional insulation. Most of these non-new homes benefit from a quick review to see whether they would benefit from a few extra inches of insulation. But whatever your home setup might be, assessing the current levels of your insulation can still help. You can notice a nice boost in your home’s comfort, especially during the colder months, when these materials are at the recommended levels. Plus, you can get those great advantages with your home’s overall efficiency.

 Still not sure whether your home needs some extra insulation? Snowy days can help. One of the easiest ways to check the efficiency of your home is to look at your roof when it’s covered with a fresh layer of snow. Homes that have a good layer of insulation in the attic often have snow that stays longer on the roof. This is because the insulation keeps the warm attic air from traveling outside to melt the snow. Poor insulation, on the other hand, will let the heat escape. That’s why the snow on certain homes will melt quicker. Check it out during the next snowfall!

 Right Now Heating and Air Services

It makes sense to be on the lookout for great service and reasonable rates when it comes to your home services. Fortunately, you can often find good deals for your attic insulation. Just check with your local HVAC company to see what offers that have available. Some companies, like Right Now Heating and Air in Boise, will often have specials on insulation when a new furnace is purchased and installed. Getting your attic insulation squared away during this time is a fantastic way to make sure your new unit will run at maximum efficiency for your home.

 If your attic is due for a thorough insulation check, you can always give our team at Right Now Heating and Air a call. We’re available at (208) 939-4475. Let us know that you have concerns about your home’s efficiency, and we’ll do our part to ensure that your attic insulation isn’t causing your heating bills to climb. We look forward to hearing from you!