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Do you want to improve the performance of your AC and reduce energy use? Call (208) 547-6114 for expert Chubbuck AC repair, installation & replacement services.

If your current air conditioning system is well over 10 years old, it likely uses more energy than is necessary increasing your monthly bills. Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is a top-rated HVAC company proud to serve customers in Chubbuck, ID and surrounding areas. Our family-owned business has a team of knowledgeable technicians that guide you through the entire decision-making process from presenting different types of residential AC systems, to finding a model within your budget and finally installing it.

We’ve worked hard to earn your trust by providing reliable, same-day service for a wide range of home-improvement services. Click here to see customer reviews and testimonials.

Benefits of Installing a New AC System

The industry has changed a lot over the past several years. As technology has advanced, manufacturers have been able to produce safer, more efficient air conditioning systems for consumers. Here are a few benefits of installing a new AC system:

Environmentally-friendly. One of the main reasons why newer models are more ‘green’ is the switch from R-22 (aka Freon) to a more safe coolant, R-410A (aka Puron). R-22s have been linked to ozone depletion. R-410A does not harm the environment.
More efficient. Home energy audits we perform show an average reduction between 20% to 50% in energy use when a new system is installed. New AC systems require a minimum SEER (seasonal energy-efficiency rating ) value of 13; however most newer models we deal with have SEER values of 17 or higher.
Less noisy. Enhanced sound attenuators help make new air conditioning systems quiet as a mouse.
Properly sized. Getting an air conditioning system that is sized according to your home’s size and energy efficiency ensures optimal performance. One that is too small doesn’t generate enough cool air. One that is too large uses more energy than needed.

All About Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

Ductless mini split AC systems are quickly becoming more common in both residential and commercial applications because of their flexibility and energy efficiency. While central air conditioning systems cool your entire house and require the use of duct ways, ductless mini split AC systems heat only selected rooms and don’t require an existing duct system.

While it can be nice to cool an entire home, it’s not always necessary. You can select the rooms or areas you wish to keep cool with a ductless system and adjust individual temperature settings in each room. This helps to keep energy use down. Installation is also quick and painless.

To learn more about new air conditioning system replacement and installation, call Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning at (208) 547-6114. We are on call for emergency repairs 24/7.

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