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Cut your energy bills and enjoy cost savings with a new high-efficiency furnace. Save monthly on Energy Bills.

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We have the best warranties on parts to ensure that you will have reliable and long-lasting equipment, with added peace of mind.

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Enjoy improved indoor comfort with a new high-efficiency furnace that delivers consistent even heating.

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Financing allows you to upgrade to a new high-efficiency furnace with low affordable monthly payments.

Homedale Heating Services

Is your furnace making excessive rattling, banging or squealing noises? Call (208) 585-5868 for expert Homedale heating repair, installation & replacement.

Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning is your local HVAC expert serving Homedale, ID, and the surrounding region. Our fully licensed and insured technicians abide by our Code of Ethics to ensure your receive exceptional, courteous service. Making unusual noises is your furnace’s way of telling you it needs some repair. In our years of helping customers with their heating systems, we’ve found that over 90% of major repairs could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

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Regularly $99 - Get 19-Point Precision Tune-Up to ensure your furnace is in good working condition.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offers and can only be used once per household. Call today to schedule a visit.



With our "Fix Now / Pay Later" option, you won't have to worry about any out-of-pocket expenses today.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offers and can only be used once per household. Call today to schedule a visit.



Get a Quick, no-obligation, FREE estimates to determine your home's heating needs.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offers and can only be used once per household. Call today to schedule a visit.


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Benefits of Regularly Scheduled Heater Maintenance:

There are several benefits to keeping up to date with your heating systems maintenance from year to year. Routine maintenance saves you money on your power bills as well as conserves energy for the environment. The air quality in your home for you and your family will also improve.

We make it easy for residents to choose Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning:

  • All of our technicians are licensed and background checked for your safety
  • You get to choose from a selection of quality products backed by solid warranties
  • Our prices are competitive and presented upfront
  • We own all of the systems we install, so you can be assured that you are receiving the best products in the market
  • We make every effort to solve your problem in one trip so you can return to your normal routine much faster

When Does a Furnace Need Repair?

A furnace has many mechanical components and duct ways that require regular, annual maintenance. Here are a few signs of an underlying problem that should be repaired as soon as possible:

  • Dry, dusty air An older furnace has trouble properly humidifying the air which results in drier, dustier air and overall poor air quality.
  • Many recent breakdowns A furnace that is nearing the end of its lifespan frequently breaks down in the last two years. Perhaps it’s time to think of a replacement?
  • Signs of corrosionIf you’ve noticed signs of rust on the flue pipes or vents, it’s one of the many signs of a possible carbon monoxide leak. Other signs of a CO leak include a yellow burner flame instead of a blue one, and no upward draft in the chimney. If you suspect a CO leak, ventilate your home and call for repairs immediately.
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How Does Geothermal Heating Work?

Did you know the earth is a natural source of warmth and energy? Unlike air temperatures which fluctuate even throughout the day, the temperature below ground stays fairly consistent year-round — even on a frosty winter day. Geothermal heating is an efficient method that uses the earth’s abundant energy and warmth to heat your home.

An underground piping system is installed outside of your home. This piping system uses geothermal technology to absorb the earth’s warmth. Running through the pipes is water, another natural element that is able to store and transport heat. The heat flows to your home to the ground source heat pump unit located inside your home. The heat pump then distributes the heat throughout your home.

Geothermal heating systems are environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional heaters as it requires no fossil fuels. Enjoy energy savings and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Additional Homedale Idaho Heating Services

Are you looking to service your furnace or get it repaired? Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning provides Homedale Idaho homeowners with same day, reliable heating repair service. We even offer 24 hour heater repair service – call our Homedale location at 208-585-5868.

Are you struggling to keep your home warm and cozy in the winter ? Installing a new high-efficiency furnace doesn’t have to be an emotionally taxing experience.

For 24/7 emergency repair service, call Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning at (208) 585-5868. Have questions about geothermal heating? We’d love to hear from you.

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