what involved ac tune up

What is Included in an AC Tune-Up?

As a homeowner, it is in your best interest to schedule an AC tune-up at least once a year. For a small investment in regular maintenance, you can keep your heating and air conditioning systems operating at optimal efficiency- keeping operating costs low, be sure that your appliances are running safely, and avoid unexpected failures or breakdowns- extending the lifespan of your units. ... Read More
tips during extremely hot temps

Tips To Keep Cool During The Hot Idaho Summer

Did you know that the majority of AC units in Southern Idaho today have what is known as a “set point” of 98 degrees? This means the unit will run at maximum efficiency right up to an outside temperature of 98°. When the outside temperature is greater than 98° then you can expect a diminishing return on the cooling ability of the unit. Additionally, these units are designed to cool the interior of the home to approximately 25° below the outside temperature. Therefore, if it is 98° outside, you can reasonably expect your AC to be able to cool your home to 73° inside. ... Read More
what causing pollutants home

5 Sourcces of Major Pollutants In Your Home

Coal- It seems unbelievable that coal or charcoal could be a pollutant in the air in your Nampa home, but this is a possibility.Those that grill near their home and leave their door or windows open may get the ashes that come from the charcoal in the home, and it’s possible that the coal ashes will circulate around the home while it’s in the air.Smoke- Whether it’s cigarette smoke or smoke that comes from burning things in the home, smoke can linger in the air and make the air less breathable.If something burns in the house, such as oil or grease when cooking, this smell can stay in the air for a long time, making the air less pleasant when you breathe it in.Aerosols- Many use aerosol sprays for different reasons, mostly for freshening the home. Although you may feel that these products freshen the smell in your home, they can also lead to pollutants in the air, especially certain aerosols that may linger around in the air for hours.Chemical Agents- There are many chemical agents that can be in your air, especially if you use chemicals to clean your home. Not every chemical is made equal, so some chemicals will be more damaging to the air in your home than others.Pollen- Although pollen is something naturally in the air, especially when springtime rolls around, it can be considered a pollutant, especially since many people are allergic to it. ... Read More
Nampa Idaho

Survival Guide: Stay Warm and Safe During This Winter

Between the large amounts snow, chilling temperatures, slick ice, and school closures, the Nampa area has been faced with alarming weather conditions this winter, and we’ve only reached January. With this historically cold and snowy winter, it’s time to think about your Nampa heating system to be sure your family isn’t left out in the cold. Right Now Heating and Air is here for your Nampa heating and Nampa furnace repair needs ... Read More