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5 Ways to Save on Your Utility Bill

Reducing your Pocatello home utility bill should not be difficult. There are many ways you can slash your utility bill without sacrificing comfort. Investing in some upgrades, getting a tune up done, and using energy wisely can all lead to Boise heating and airsavings on your utility bill without making you less comfortable.

Below are five easy ways to lower your monthly utility bill with minimal hassle.

Lower Or Raise Your Thermostat Setting

Many of us are guilty of cranking up the AC during the summer. Every degree will cost you a little extra money. Consider raising the thermostat up to 76 or 78 in the summer.

This is a temperature that should still feel quite comfortable and provide a noticeable savings in utility bills. You may also want to turn on fans, open windows to create a breeze and drink plenty of water as well to feel cooler.

In the winter time, consider putting the temperature at 68 degrees or 70 at most. You should still be quite warm. Wearing warmer clothing instead of cranking up the heat will do wonders for your wallet in the winter.

Consider Getting A Programmable Thermostat And Lowering Heat Or AC When Away

A programmable thermostat will let you set temperature settings throughout the day. When you are asleep consider reducing the heat to a setting of around 60-70 that you feel comfortable with.

When you start to wake up you can raise the setting back to your normal temperature. This will save you money, as you don’t really need to heat the entire home when you are asleep.

If you are away at work or school, consider lowering the air conditioner or heat even lower than normal. This will save you money. Why waste money heating or cooling an area if it is empty? If you don’t have a programmable thermostat you can manually adjust the setting before going to bed, waking up, leaving and getting back home.

Replace Your Light Bulbs All Around The Home

CFL light bulbs use significantly less energy and are often brighter than older, less energy efficient bulbs. The savings on the utility bill will quickly pay for the cost of installing the new bulbs.

Get An Annual Tuneup Done On Your HVAC System

The better condition your Pocatello home HVAC system is, the more effective it will be and the less energy it will use. Consider getting a tuneup done once a year on your furnace, heat pump and air conditioner.

Replace Old Appliances With New Energy Star Certified Ones

Old appliances will use lots of energy and will work extra hard to deliver the same results as a new appliance. A new Energy Star appliance is a perfect replacement for old appliances because they use very little energy and deliver exceptional performance.

Try to save during this holiday season on your Pocatello, ID home utility bill. Call Right Now Heating and Air at (208) 242-3236, for any questions or further assistance.

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